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white widow or sour diesel

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by marijuanamike, May 25, 2009.

  1. a shipment of weed just came into my school. I got the option of getting 5 grams of white widow for $100 or 5 grams of sour diesel for $100 they both look dank as hell. Any recommendations?
  2. neither thats expensive as hell
  3. find another connect
  4. Buy it and get unbelieveably high. Dont listen to these others telling you not to purchase it as they dont understand how easily bud can be taxed. In reality you should be getting a quarter for 100 of exotic shit. The truth of the matter is that at his school exotic shit doesn't come very often and that's why it's so expensive, am I right? Again buy it, I would go for an eighth of each personally.
  5. no price break on that bud. fuck that
  6. half and half. quarters are 120-140 for exotics.​
  7. Go half and half.

    Whatever you are willing to pay is what the weed is worth, remember that.
  8. mix it up and get an eighth of each bra

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