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  1. This is my 1st diary, i have started today 10 white widow, and 5 northern lights.The seeds have just hatched today and i am planting them today.I have put some pics on of the hatched seeds and will put more pics on as the days and weeks go by.Any tips or feedback of any one would be great as i am still only learning cheers.

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  2. those taproots look really long, get em in the soil ASAP

    also good luck on this grow, im gonna be growin some northern lights in a while.

    im pullin up a chair
  3. What will your set-up be like?
    Lights,size of room,soil and so on-or is it going outside?
    Other growers like myself will ask...;)

    cant wait to see them planted and on there way...

    PS-you may want to change your red wrighting,it seems like when you read it the words blend together....or maby because im reading while stoned..:smoking:

    anyways welcome to the city,stop by the coffee lounge and say high to the other growers.....nice bunch of nuckel heads.....later
  4. now then everyone, yeh my lighting system is 2x125w envirolites blue spec hanging right down just above plants/seeds. and about 7ft high i have a 400w sodium light just for the red spec and extra lighting.the soil i am using is called plagron royalty mix it contains ph(h20) 6-7, npk fertilizer(12-14-24) 0.3, organic fertilizer 45, organic substances 65-2, dry substances 46, poresfraction 92, water retention 7.4 it is come recomended by my local hydroponic dealer its suposed to be really good and it was only £13 pounds for a 50 litre bag.all my seeds are now planted and ready to grow i have added a few pics of the plants and my lights cheers for the info and anymore would be gratefull.

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  5. Sounds like an interesting grow. I am pulling up a chair. White widow is my favorite. The yield tends to be low, but the kick is outstanding. WHere did you get your seeds from?
  6. Looks like a good setup, and choice of strains - two of my faveourites :smoking:

    The flourescents will be handy in veg, to add some blue light. But don't put too much stock in their potential - the 400W HPS will be the biggest source of light by far. Also, you need to get the plants as close to the flourescents as possible. I don't see any way for them to be lowered from that picture?

    Do you have a reflector for the 400W HPS? If not then get one as this will more than double the amount of light being directed down towards the plants. You can let them get within about 2ft of the HPS safely, although a bit more would be good early on. The flourescents you want the plants as close to as possible - 6" or less ideally. Light intensity reduces drastically with distance from the source.

    Looks like a nice big grow room - you could have a cracking harvest at the end :)
  7. hey,
    it looks like from the picture that you pretty much filled your grow room...how are you going to accomadate the larger plants???unless you got more room thats out of the picture...
    otherwise lookin good man...did u get the WW from serious seeds??
  8. the space is big enough for about 15 plants , i got my seeds from a local hydroponics shop they are nirvana white widow and nirvana northern lights they where £12 pounds each i will update as my babies groe.
  9. now then everyone well i planted shoots on friday and by monday all 15 are through some a little slower in sprouting up but they are getting there. the northern lights seem to have responded more than the white widow but they all look ok. i have put a few pics of my little cherubs but they are only very small.will update once there is a bigger improvement any info would be great.[​IMG]

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  10. my plants are coming on atreat now apart from 1 so out of 15 i cant complain they have been planted 15 days now and from seed it is 19 days i am adding a few pics so let me know what you think this is my first time growing proper shit so any advice or comments would be cushty :D

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  11. damn, your off to a nice start, what are you gonna use for ventalation, all thse lights will be generating some heat

    and how big are those pots? cause iit looks like there only half full of soil which could be a problem once they get bigger
  12. yeh the ventilation is no probs it is in a shed which is half boxed off but there is a little door to come inside which i could leave open and as soon as the plants get big enough i will have a fan and the soil si low at the moment but when the plants grow i will top up with soil as they grow along
  13. my plants are coming on great at the moment the white widow seems to be growing a lot bigger than the northern lights but i guess that could be just the different plants anyway these photos the plants are 3 weeks old today

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  14. Nice start indeed. keep up the good work. i will check back to see how they are doing.
    I'm going to switch to flowering this week end:hello: . Peace brotha' Tbug
  15. the plants will be 4 weeks old 2moro and they are coming on pretty good, the leaves are nice and green no cur;ing the temp is about 76 degrees

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  16. looking nice :)
  17. now then everyone my plants are now 5 weeks old 2moro they are growing pretty big but some height wise are a bit behind i was going to start flowering at 7 weeks old which would be the 14th july and the double in size whilst in flowering so i am now unsure when to start flowering i have added a few pics could anyone please give me some advice as this is my first grow cheers

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  18. looks very good.. cant wait to see the results.. :tup:
  19. right my plants now are 6 weeks old on friday i dont know whens the best time to start flowering some are about 2foot high maybees a bit bigger but some are a bit smaller where they havent had as much light ive been thinking at 6 weeks old but i just dont know could anyone help me please cheers if you need to see photo just let me know and i will add some new ones cheers
  20. Im growing White Widow right now and if you want to see how much they grew the first 3 weeks of flowering, check out the link in my sig.

    Im LSTing so they didn't get too tall or out of control.


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