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White Widow Harvest

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Synned, Aug 13, 2009.

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    So today was harvest day and we decided to just cut down the top buds and leave the popcorn buds to grow for another week. This is from one plant that we vegged for 2 months under a 400w mh then was put into flowering under a 600w hps. A few weeks into flowering we put an 400w hps vertically along side of her as well. The buds are very dense and the total weight wet was 543 grams. There is still a good ounce of popcorn buds on the plant, any idea how much bigger they will get in a weeks time? Is it really worth it? Anyway here are some pictures, unfortunately all I have is a camera phone to use but it's pretty decent.

  2. Damn huge yeild and looks like quality crops. +rep
  3. I see you been around the block a few times very nice

  4. LMFAO! I wonder if the seeds were female. a dur

    Those pics made my eyes water :smoking:
  5. LMFAO! I wonder if u have any idea wut ur talking about?
  6. honestly right now i dont
  7. We ordered a 10 pack of white russian lowryder seeds from attitude and received 1 free feminized white widow seed. I think it's ghs white widow.
  8. how was ordering off of attitude? a friend and i are fairly new growers and we considered buying off of attitude but we ended up just using bag seeds. would u recommend buying through them?
  9. Yea they gave me a free feminized white widow and 5 free power skunk seeds and the genetics were solid and the seeds came quickly.
  10. shit, thats high grade right there.
  11. Yeah, I have an outdoor g13 white widow feminizd, also my freebie from attitude, for some reason it started budding slowly in june, but the past 3-4 weeks its been putting on, its probably got another month or more, you should check out my threads.

    Props though, that looks amazing, and the yeild was crazy looking man, +++rep to ya bro
  12. definitely nice to see, looks like some widow i had recently. i def want to hear back what the dry weight is and do you have any pics of the plant before cutting it down? i'd like to see.
  13. Here are the most recent pics before harvest that I have.

  14. did you just top the plant several times or did you supercrop?
  15. It was scrogged in a personal screen and then lst'd beyond that. We kind of used a mix of both techniques and it turned out pretty well.
  16. that looks fruity as fuck and im out of puff only if lol. looks great man
  17. That looks amazing, great pictures!
  18. I'm the first to answer you, im guessing and oz and a half. just i guess tho, it depends on how long it hangs
  19. how long did it take from seed to harvest? and when did you change the lights for flowering?
  20. Vegged for 2 months and flowered for 9 weeks.

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