White Widow GH Waterfarm

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  1. Started this grow about 3 weeks ago, seedling into hydro on 7/25. Classic GH drip system. Being this is my first experience with hydroponics (and my second all around grow) I was easily sold by the "all-in-one" sort of looking package. Nevertheless, the waterfarm has been doing fantastic

    Everything is now moving along nicely. Dealing with washing the hydroton and getting a stable ph, that was another story... I think I finally got it to settle down at around 6-6.1. Still checking at least once a day. On top of that nobody warned me about algae, but fortunately for me I caught onto it pretty quickly. I had to cover the hydroton with panda film and then add 1 and 1/2 tsp hydrogen peroxide to my res. Hopefully clears up all that

    GH Flora trio + CalMag/Mammoth P. Been feeding with regular RO water/calmag/mammoth during seedling. I use a bedroom humidifier from Home Depot to control humidity, and a small walmart fan cools my 400W metal halide, and it's that easy. I modified my waterfarm by drilling extra holes for more roots to reach the medium faster. I also added a small airstone to the res and upgraded to a nicer pump... Eager to see how this plant grows and yields, hope you guys enjoy the show. Let me know along the way anything I can do better

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