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  1. Hi,
    Any idea when a decent white widow (nirvana) should be showing some resin production? i have one that is 30 days into flowering and it is not showing anything. is this a dud and should i scrap it or wait the 10 weeks and see what happens? i am looking for stuff that is done or almost done in 45-75 days MAX! right now i have a good jock horror, nl x bb that are smokeable right now at only 30 days..the jock may go 75 days i hear...i think i have a nl leaning pheno of the jock..


  2. no offence man but I doubt your plants are ready to smoke 30days into flowering...Ive yet to see a strain that finishes that fast. But as far as the WW I grew that strain a couple of yrs ago and if I remember correctly(not saying I am...lol) but it was starting to show around that time. Like I said though it was awhile ago...I do have some going right now, but still in veg stage, so thats not much help. I wouldnt pull it though, unless your just impatient and dont want to wait til its ready to be harvested because its too long to wait.

    Good luck,
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    numb-how's it going? no offense taken..yeah i was just saying "smokeable" not finished...i am growing out a few different strains to get a couple mothers going for cuttings...the ones i ended up with after culling are 1 Jock Horror/Nirvana, 1 white widow/nirvana, 1 nl x big bud/nirvana..1 alaskan white widow of my own. they "Vegged 30 days then flowering started on 01-16-09. Same for the rest of these.

    When I say "smokeable" i am talking about decent resin production so that if you were to need some bud "which is why i grow" then this would get you by and save some $$ from NOT having to go and buy some down the street..it's not done by a long shot but is "smokeable"..i have plenty of extra plants so that i can keep some bud around while the main plants are finishing..nothing like fresh bud!

    Anyway my goal is to get it down to about 45 days or so if I can find the right strain. This Jock will probably go 70-75 days but the NL X BB and the Alaskan White Widow will finish pretty fast, around 45 days...i have seen the alaskan white widow ORIGINAL finish in 45 days! this is a cross of that mother and a white widow male from Nirvana. looks good so far..48 plants is the max allowed so i try to keep only good ones..

    This White Widow/Nirvana I have here is not showing any trichromes yet and it is at 30 days of 12/12. I was thinking somebody had some experience with Nirvana White Widow and would be able to say when you should see some trichs...but i hear there are a lot of phenos so this may be a dud..other than no trichs yet, it looks promising and grows like wild fire..i crossed it with some killer big bud i got from sensi seeds...so if nothing else i can always try the seeds and see what happens..but not high on the list of things i want to grow...i am looking for quality, quantity and how quick it finishes!

    Here is some pics...thanks for the comments.....

    White Widow-first pic, the second is the top of the same plant..

    then alaskan white widow and Jock Horror and NL X BB. i never expected the jock to finish at 45 days but it is looking good at less than 45 can't wait till it's done!



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  4. I have grown the WW from Nirvana, but I was even more noobish back then and didn't keep any diaries. IMO I think you should be showing at 30, but am looking forward to update on this thread in 10 days :)
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    mr.bubb|es-i was hoping someone would come along that had already grown this version of white widow..not too many growers i know like it because it is low yield and takes too long.....i am not in too big a hurry to get rid of it...it's a decent plant but at 30 days it should be doing something..the alaskan white widow i have and the jock and nl x bb are all pumping out lots of trichs already..

    the white widow is supposed to be COVERED in white crystals..

    i hope they kick in over the next week...i will post up an update 10 days from now and we will see what it looks like then...probaly get seeded with some big bud pollen i have if it does not get with the program..maybe then it would get a boost or some different phenos come out..i have never seen white widow crossed with big bud.

    it has been pretty easy to grow...just promix and water..1000w light..

    thanks for the feedback...see you around...

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    Well here it is 10 days later. The plant is looking better and i keep on LST'ng it...i crossed it with some big bud pollen i had.

    it is starting to show some white crystals but they are just showing up. I dont see how this would finish in 8 weeks but i may let it go just to let the seeds finish.

    it smells pretty good.

    so what do you think? keep it or dump it? i quit making clones of it and just have a couple vegging in case i wanted to make some more of this..



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