White Widow Crystal+

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by unoit, Apr 27, 2003.

  1. HIGH All, as some of you know I recieved some WWC+ from Cannabiseeds and Top_9_fingers who stood by the ripped O.F.F.F. ones and gave us these for free.

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  2. HIGH All, I'll be losing a couple because my LHM only had one germ and it was a male *LOL*. Here's one that will have another good home to go to.

    The plants are being feed Fox Farm's Grow Big and are in Sunshine Mix#4. One will be put into a Bubble Bucket to see if it likes Hydro.

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  3. looking good.....what height?.....Peace out......Sid
  4. it looks like they are going to grow to be beauties!
  5. HIGH All, hey sid how's it going...there up to knee level now. They could have been bigger but the other room was still on 12/12 when they were seedlings and had to grow under floros.

    Yes smokin&tokin they look like they'll do ok in the room. The male I have will pollinate our White Bud to see what we can come up with.

    A couple more pics

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  6. HIGH All, the other female

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  7. HIGH All, a White Bud X with a Donkey Dick male...hence White Dick.

    She's sticky and stinky at three and a half weeks...can't wait to taste what we created.

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  8. HIGH All, a couple more BUD shots of the WD

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  9. HIGH All, a couple more and I'll be done...picture posting mode aaahhhhhh.

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  10. ohh god i can't believe im saying this but...... that dick almost looks good enough to eat.......haha
  11. HIGH All, and this one is just about done.

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  12. nice!......how many you got on the go at the moment?......Peace out......Sid
  13. those are looking absolutely wonderful. and a great name
  14. lol@gravy

    Those look mouth-watering unoit, great job!

  15. HIGH All, well smoke anyway gravy *LOL*.

    I have sex eerr I mean six in there now sid (WD) and that supposably Bubblegum from that scam company, just potted up a WWC+ and put another in a Bubble Bucket...the other two will go to my LHM's room to grow under different conditions. Yes bud stuffer we thought the same thing and Thanks vatoloco.
  16. Those pics look tastier and tastier as they progress!!! Good job man!
  17. Yeh dude lookin very nice indeed.
  18. old, good mniami White Widow ~~~~~~~~~~ ::)
  19. Hehe this is going to be good :), good looking dick unoit!The WWC+s are looking healthy no doubt you are doing a very nice job.
    Do you need a hand with those dicks?

  20. HIGH All, thanks Top_9_fingers...they are going to be killers.

    After giving my LHM two of your WWC+ and leaving me with three...two males and one female that went on 12/12 yesterday and took 5 clones from her. The other one in the Bubble Bucket turned male and culled it. The other male I collected pollon from and will use it on our White Bud and of coarse your WWC+ female.

    Plants are getting stinky when brushed up against...major branchs for those furtue Buds. I'll keep you All posted.

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