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  1. Seed planted in ProMix. Let the fun begin. Took a few months off to enjoy my flowers from other grows. However, I am starting to feel the itch. This grow will feature a 3 gallon fabric pot which is all my tiny space can handle; 17" wide, 29" tall, 14" deep Lighting is a 90w bloom boss with 2 supplemental high output florescent bulbs. Ventilation is a smattering of fans, two in, two out (higher cfm) and one for general internal air movement. I am a light hand at watering and feeding, with a general disposition that half the nutrition products on the market are not worth the plastic they come in. As for germination, I just plop in soil add a little water and wait it out. 5 days usually does it. Paper towels and soaking may be good for you, seems unnecessary to me. So, you are welcome to follow along as I grow, input and questions always welcome but I am not much one for debate, you do your thing and I do mine. Odds have it we'll come out the same. Peace, #FREEWEED
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  2. Subbed. Working on a cab almost the same size right now. Solid strain too.... Props Nice work. I'm tuned in

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  3. Subbed. I have a dresser almost exactly the same size, I'm rocking the UFOs too. Your setup looks nice and clean!

    Are you going to be flowering with that light too?

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  4. Hi, welcome. The LED will stay as is but I trade out the supplemental fluorescent lights. Presently they veg oriented and I trade them out for flowering. Since this is an auto I try to keep disruption to a minimum, lighting included.
  5. No sprout yet, but not expected. Climate conditions fine. While I wait, I have been pondering doing some soundproofing. Wonder if anyone sells baffled foam, surely it's out there somewhere.
  6. Here's the soil, oh so lonely. Waiting. Patience.
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  7. Today marks the start of day 7, no sprout. I'll wait it out to about day 10 then go poking around to see what's up. In the meantime, I did some work on my timer and spayed neem in and around the cabinet, including the houseplants.
  8. Seed was a dud, bummer, first time ever but it happens. Shutting down this journal and starting a new one for Kandy Kush. Too bad this white widow didn't work out.
  9. Good luck on your next grow :)

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