White Widow and Super Silver Haze first indoor grow

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  1. gotcha, sounds sweet dude.
  2. Hey man u got sum good looking buds growin thea cant wait ta see them harvested

    +rep for sure:D
  3. Sorry y'all I've been pretty busy. I don't have time to gets pics for an update right now but I will take and post some tomorrow. The ladies are doing well. I moved three of my bagseed into flowering. More of an experiment than anything. I had just topped it at its 5th set and wanna see just how much a plant that size will stretch. Anyway hope all have a happy and high day:smoke:.
  4. A picture of the whole lot, cola and to shots of the WW, then two super macros of the WW crystals.

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  5. Here's some shots of ot he SSH. I keep having to tie it down. These fuckers have budsites all over.

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  6. Here's the three bagseed I just switched light cycles on yesterday. Then my 6 clones, the first two are WW the rest are SSH. the third one looks shitty but you shoulda seen it two days ago I thought it was a gonner. Next is a pic of my whole vegging lot, then my previously cat mauled seedling.

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  7. The girls are looking Great bro! Keep up the good job man:hello:
  8. great job biggin that widow looks fu*kin tasty:yummy: i just picked up some widow beans from seedsman what are yours?
  9. Thanks bro.

    Thanks dsq, I ordered my beans from marijuana-seeds.nl. Just think they still got 4 weeks if the widows actually go 9 weeks.
  10. Thanks dsq, I ordered my beans from marijuana-seeds.nl. Just think they still got 4 weeks if the widows actually go 9 weeks.[/QUOTE]

    i was wondering what breeder they are from...
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    I looked on their site and it doesn't actually say. My next seed order is gonna be from the single seed centre.
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    hey everyone, the girls are looking great. I chopped the smallest one because she was further along in her development. She is now revegging. Dry weight 47.6 grams. :hello: I have a few pics but my camera corrupted one of my mem cards and crapped out a bunch of pics. I am back to work full time so free time is now at a minimum. I will get a full update on here in the next day or two.

    Here's a few top shots of the ladies they are still flowering and a pic of the lot. Then heres a few of the dried cured widow I chopped. She's pretty potent. Sorry I dont have the ole' pile o' bud pic it was on the card that corrupted.

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  13. Looking nice biggin!
  14. Girls look nice and the buds are beautiful.
  15. Yummy nugs man!

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