White Widow and Super Silver Haze first indoor grow

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  1. Well let me start out by saying this wouldn't even be possible without the info i have read from journals and guides on this great site. I have lurked and read for a few weeks now and have my setup and am under way.

    I figured I should start with good beans so I picked up ten white widow beans and they gave me five super silver haze free:hello:. While waiting for them to arrive i constructed my setup from an entertainment center 52" long 31" high and 18" deep. This is about 6.5 square ft. I covered the inside with flat white contact paper(removable and water resistant) and then hung my lights and set up an exhaust fan.

    I planted directly into potting soil that I mixed from two different makers; 1/3 MG 21-7-14, 1/3 Green Thumb 8-12-8, and 1/3 perlite so 14-9-11 is about what it comes out to. I am watering with bottled spring water btw.

    My lighting is as follows:
    2 48" 40w 4100k tubes 3300 lumens per
    2 48" 40w 6500k tubes 3050 lumens per
    1 24" 20w 5000k tube 1850 lumens
    1 24" 20w 6500k tube 1025 lumens
    1 24" 17w 7800k tube 850 lumens

    My square footage is 6.5 and with the light i have it figured out to just over 2500 lumens per square foot.

    Is this enough light? Are my nutes in a good range? I'm planning on attempting to lst these so how big of pots do I need to transfer these into? Any other pointers or tips you can give me?

    Here are some pics from the last few days. I currently have 4 SSH seedlings and 6 WW seedlings that are growing.

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    After weeding out the few that weren't growing I am now just going with the ten that have done well so far. I watered them last night and they got a little droopy but to my surprise they were perky this morning:hello:. The first pic are all WW, the second are SSH on the left and WW on the right, and the last is just SSH. the last two pics are of the biggest of each strain. BTW this is only day 6 from seed straight to dirt with no germ.

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  3. Got a few pics tonight when i got home. I think I"m gonna be hooked on this growing shit. lol the first two pics are the biggest WW, the third the biggest SSH, and the fourth is the tiniest WW but she seems to be doing fine:hello:.

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  4. Day 7

    well I started a routine of spraying mist on the girls once daily due to a 30% humidity. Guess I cant argue with it, they are larger and look healthier this morning.

    I'm looking for good info on what size pots I should use to transfer these into as I don't want them to become rootbound. My cab is only 31" high so im planning on switching to 12/12 when all have grown to at least ten inches.

    I was going to LST but these aren't feminized seeds so I want to sex them before I dedicate too much to a possible male. Any pointers here are welcome.

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  5. Hey man, I dig your fluorescent set up. Don't see much of that on these forums. Everyone seems to us CFL or HPS lights.

    I'm also running a fluorescent in my small space. Seems to do great, very easy to manage.

    Good luck on the grow, I'll be watching.
  6. Thanks ch053n I am trying to do this on a low budget. I hope it goes well.

    This morning I woke to once again larger seedlings:hello:, however only a few hours later I notice that they look depressed:(. Upon further inspection I find that that all but one of my widows has had enormous root growth and are beginning to poke through the holes in the bottom of their cups. Well it's time to transplant I guess so I was off to menards for some larger pots.

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  7. After running around getting everything I need I got down to business, mixed up some fresh soil and done my first indoor transplant. The brown pots are WW and the green are the SSH. The first single plant pic is my smallest widow. The last one is a full sized bic.

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  8. Those plants are looking really good, nice choice of strains for start-up as well:hello:
  9. I was checking out some SSH seeds the other day, I wanna see how yours turns out. :)
  10. Yeah I figured I would go with good beans from the git-go. At least eliminate a few variables IMO. Thanks for stopping by.
  11. I've smoked some before and it was killer. I'm just hoping mine come out as pretty as the bag I had of it. Thanks for checking out my grow.
  12. No problem. :) Your plants are looking really good.
  13. Well I think the transplant was a success as the ladies are perky and have new growth. Here's a few pics of the biggest ones; two SSH and one WW.

    What do yall think is this decent growth for being 9 days from seed with these strains?

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  14. Well I have seemed to develop a Ph problem. I have a few yellow spots and a mild yellowing happening to a few of my plants. I checked my Ph and found out I have a 5.8 Ph.:mad:. So I had to flush the ladies out. I've been using spring water with 7 Ph so I didn't think I had a problem. After flushing the runoff tested at 6.8. I hope they recover. I'll try to post some pics after I get back home.
  15. Well they seem to be perking up since the flush a few hours ago. Here are a few pics. Some of the yellowing and a few yellow spots can be seen. Sorry I can't get any more detailed pics than this with my phone. Camera still M.I.A.

    This isn't to close for 180 watts of fluoro is it?

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  16. well my girls still arent looking happy, more yellow and spots. How long does it take after flushing for them to look healthy again?

    I have some generic soil I've been thinking about transplanting them into. So many people have had problems with miracle grow that I believe i want to go a different route. I know everyone says fox farms but i dont have a retailer nearby that sells it.

    is it too soon after the flush to transplant?

    any help will be greatly appreciated.
  17. OK we are now 12 days from seedlings, 14 from un-germed seeds. lots of new, healthy growth.

    I only transplanted one out of the MG for fear of causing further stress.

    A few WW have grown their full 7 leaf sets and the SSH are already working on their 2nd set of 7:hello:.

    Will the growth tha was damaged by my ph problem ever get healthy or will it fall off?

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  18. 2 weeks old today and more new growth. They are starting to smell a bit. The two smallest ones are a day younger than the rest but seem to be coming along.

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  19. a few more pics of new growth.

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  20. Hey man, Nice job! This is an awesome grow. rep+ They are really growing fast, I wish mine where that big at 2 weeks.

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