White Widow and Super Silver Haze first indoor grow

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  1. Nothing much to report today. I got the SSH transplanted, and they too were on the verge of being rootbound. I still gotta get new batteries for my camera so no pics today:(. A few of the WW sugar leaves are doing the claw and look a bit leathery:confused:, I'm hoping the it was just do them being almost rootbound. I gotta setup a platform or something to raise the WW closer to the light, the SSH are getting a bit unruly.
  2. Yeah bro those haze's can get pretty tall due to their sativa dominance. I topped my Durban which is 100% sativa and it has stayed short, but it's starting to grow at a good rate now.
  3. Yoo whats good man..diggin the last pics you posted.. lookin nice and greeeeen.. ill be checkin back for some new flicks.. =) be safe
  4. Ask and you shall receive. lol Got a few shots of these unruly SSH and some budporn of the WW. They seem to be taking to the new soil. I haven't fed them in a few watering other than the big bloom I gave 'em at transplant. Two of my clones are now perky and taking off. Actually all but one looks like they're gonna make it. Five outta 6 ain't too bad for my first clone run if they all survive, considering I went straight to dirt. Bagseed seedlings are doing well, will gets some pics of them tomorrow. Some of these shots are just before lights out some are right after. Enjoy:smoking:.

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  5. And a few more pics. The second one is one of the SSH tops.

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  6. Looking really nice bro your going to get a hefty harvest for sure.
  7. Plastic milk crates. They're stackable.
  8. Thanks bro, I sure do hope so.

    Thanks, I hadn't even thought of that.

    I've been forgetting to mention how old they are and so on. The pics above are day 55 days old 38 days since 12/12 switch. For those of you that count flowering time from when they first show sex the WW are at 4 weeks and the SSH are at 16 days.
  9. Hey I posted some bud pics in my first journal.
  10. damn those on the right are really branchy ... If you low stress trained them a little bit, then you could lower your light w/ all the other lower plants, enhancing the entire grow.

    I just ordered ww and lsd feminized, looking great biggin.
  11. haha thats like my SSH
  12. Lookin good biggin. Subscribed man:wave:
  13. bro i think all are good exept for the 2nd pic (S8001030.JPG (2 of 8) plant it`s like a crap but others are realy good bro nice work and about the 2nd make a hash and release more light to others if you remove this tallest unsexed little brotha :)
  14. Yeah I some lst early on but got lazy and they blew up on me. I tied the two main branches on each SSH down today and plan to do the same with the others if they get outta hand. Thanks for stopping by.

    Right. I am hoping that my yields from them are pretty good. Bigger plants=bigger yields hopefully.

    Thanks for checking it out GH.

    Huh? Sorry the pic wasn't clear. The SSH are both females, they are just slow as molasses in january. Thanks for checking out my grow.

    Picture time;
    1-4 are my surviving clones, the first is WW, the next three are SSH, and all have gotten bigger and perkier over the last few days.

    5 and 6 are two of the survivors of my cats mauling. The small one actually was just a stem and roots but refused to die. lol

    7 and 8 are my bagseed seedlings except the six on the left in the second pic those are the clones.

    9 and 10 are closeups of the SSH bud development.

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  15. Those clones are looking good bro I've got some myself:)
  16. And some pics of this grow. lol

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  17. Biggin, what size pots are those SSH plants in?
  18. 3 gallon. All 5 flowering plants are in three gallon. I wish I woulda got the 3 gallon pot sooner, they were on the verge of becoming rootbound when I transplanted them.
  19. 3 gallons? are you useing those the enitire flowering or are you going to transplant again to 5 gallons?:devious: get some huge mean plants huh?! lol. :smoking:
  20. Yeah I actually just transplanted from 1.5 gallon pots. lol I'm not gonna stay in soil forever so 3 gallon pots are the biggest I'm gonna use. This grow and my current bagseed grow that is vegging are in soil but my clones that are growing will eventually become mothers for a hydro setup.

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