White Widow and Super Silver Haze first indoor grow

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  1. :hello:Yay pistols. All of the widows have pistols, but one look as if it may have a male ball:mad:. If it does I have a trusted friend who would be willing o grow it out. None of the super silver haze are showing yet:confused:. Anyone know how long into 12/12 this strain shows its sex?

    I have found my digital camera so no more pics from the phone, just as soon as I get some new batteries I'll upload some new pics.
  2. Good job bro, really looking forward to seeing those babies flower:smoke:
  3. Thanks man. here's some pics as promised. I have done some lst on them as they are getting too tall for this cabinet. I have to convert another area in my house for my flowering room while I wait for my 400 watt hps to arrive.

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  4. :hello:NICE JOB those plants look wicked man. The fan leaves are nice and large:smoke: I'm jealous bro lol.
  5. Few more pics from where i topped or fimmed as I topped some and fimmed others. Just sucks my best fimm job was on one of my disposed males. I believe all four widows to be female now, what kinda looked like a ball now has a pistol coming out of it.

    Bout to twist one up of these mids I just picked up:smoke: so later peeps.

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  6. Hey bro, nice grow here :) Good job on waiting a bit on those balls. They can trick you sometimes...look male early but it's really a pistil coming out! Would hate to butcher a widow for no reason!
  7. Well actually only one of the male was butchered. the other was sentenced to a life of ease. A trusted friend has 4 60 Day Wonder plants going now and intends to breed one of them in hopes for autoflowering white widow seeds.

  8. Ahhh...put out to stud! Someday...I need that. LOL
  9. Have you ever heard of the 60 Day Wonder? It's supposed to finish in 60 days in any light and yield 28 to 40 grams per plant and he's got 4 under a 150 MH and a 250 HPS.
  10. That's the one, from DNA genetics, except he ordered his beans from this seedbank instead of that one. should be interesting if he can make it work. Imagine a fast finishing or autoflowering widow strain;).
  11. So today I'm looking over my ladies while watering and find the widow that I suspected male until I found pistols now has 8 sets of balls:mad: and two sets of pistols. Got a damn hermie. So now I have 7 plants 3 widow and 4 SSH. I will never buy non feminized seeds again. I will update with some pics tomorrow when the lights come back on.
  12. Too bad about the males man, but other than that looking good. Nice set up man. I'll be in for the rest of this grow bro. :D
  13. ive been reding through and i didnt notice you mention what company you got your seeds from, i got some ssh from ghs, so far not to impressed, germ rates were great had 5 beans, they all popped in a day, but i think i got like 4 or 5 diff pheno`s, it seems very unstable so far, have 3 other strains all in same conditions and the ssh are doing the worst, yours seem to be doing great though i must say
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    Ttanks for stopping by. I'm not sure what ghs is but I got my beans from marijuana-seeds.nl but I went the cheap route and didn't buy feminized seeds. I will not buy non-feminized seeds ever again. But for this particular grow I plan to save the best of each after harvest and let them recover and clone.
  15. ghs is short for green house seeds, , mine were feminized, and this is partly why i think mine are lookin like shit, IMO i think that they fukk up the genetics in the seeds when they make feminized seeds, this is the first time i have ever grown femd seeds and its the last, never have seedlings grow soo short, and theyre extra delicate, my other plants are real hardy with thicker stems bigger leaves , and SSH are slow, the smallest fluctuation and they fuk up, i almost wanna throw them out, still got 5 beans that i didnt pop. i will grow this strain out and see whats what, if they end up bieng good then all the better, if not i will look to exchange them with someone.
  16. i plan to do the same , but a little different, i will take clones b4 i flower and label them accordingly, then flower the clones and see which is best so i know which mom to keep:D
  17. picture time yall. Some pistol pics and plant solos. green pots are SSH brown are WW.

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    More pics. pic 1,2,3 are of the widow that I fimmed and didn't lst. The SSH still aren't showing sex yet:confused:.

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  19. Not much to report. killed another damn fungus gnat today. Here's a few shots of some pistoly goodness. I'm thinking about transplanting as I found a place reasonably close that sells fox farms products. If I transplant these should I try to remove most of the old soil or just add FFOF around the old soil? I'm still waiting on my 400w hps to arrive but according to the tracking info it wont be here til the 19th:mad:.

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