White Widow and MK Ultra

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  1. Hey you guys I just got these clones from the med house.
    The bigger one is the white widow.

    I guess it's called that the white widow has been fimmed. A lot of lower leaves have been cut. They've shown some new growth since I picked them up. The top leaves are coming in healthy, I'm not sure what this yellowing is. I'm about to transplant these to 5 gallon pots to be my mothers. What kind of soil should I buy and where can I buy it? Is there anyway I can use hydro nutrients? I only ask because, if there is no fertilizer in the soil, and the plant gets it's nutrients from the water solution, does it matter if they are organic nutrients?

    How long do you think it will take for these to be big and healthy enough to take 6 6" clones?

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  2. yes you can! hydro nutrients will work but you use much less for soil feeding then actual hydro. also, hydroponic stores and websites have nutrients made just for soil uses. also, you have spider mites on your plants. these are very small spiders that suck liquid from the leaves and makes spots of yellow/white. i recomend using neem oil. you spray the whole plant, tops AND ESPECIALLY the bottoms of the leaves. do this once a day for 5-7 days. im treating mine for them too so i just got informed how to kill them.

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