White Widow and Indica Indoor Grow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by DevilRed, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. Hey growers, maybe this will provide some inspiration, or some education to you new growers. The set of pictures you will be following are;

    Clones of White Widow. These clones were taken from the mother plants in early November.

    Seed Sprout: The seed is of a Indica strain. Not sure, it was donated to me :) (thanks again N). Anyhow it was germinated the end of November and sprouted the end of November and showed its first real growth the start of December.

    So here are the pics. I will update them weekly or if something interesting happens.

    As for the stats
    150W HPS
    75W HPS
    150W approx floros (2 grow bulbs, 2 warm whites)
    Miracle Grow Soil
    3 gallon buckets
    Small fan blowing on them daily when lights are on.
    Water once per week.

    And now the pics

    Sprout Nov 1 2003

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  2. Sprout Nov 5, 2003
    Indica ???

    Great growth for only 4 days! Wouldn't you say? Another few inches and she (i hope its a she) will be going into a 3 gallon bucket.

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  3. White Widow Clones Nov 5th. These clones are second generation clones. Their mother herself was a clone from and outdoor plant i had that grew awesome! I plan to veg half of them to 12" and then flower. The others will be veg'd all the way until April and used to make many many third generation clones

    Enough of the background and the pics.....

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  4. geezus :) thats a lil monster for 4 days of veg growth, what are you doing 24/0? are you cheating? lol
  5. Naughty-Nope she (hope its a she) She is on a very strict diet of 19 light, 5 dark. 2-4 hours of the light have been dirct warm sunlight on the window ledge. She is growing like a monster. When she hits about 6", prob another 10 days to two weeks I will sex it to find if its a keeper or just a waste of my time.

    You start any?
  6. nah cant start yet, time and space wont allow, ill be starting towards the end of january or feb. im looking for a new home :) i cant wait to start though, it really sucks to have to wait, the ol lady commands...:)
  7. oh did i ever mention how FAT those indica budz got? :)
  8. Very cool - both you and Devil. My little clones are doing well too. It's very interesting watching them compared to the mother. Stems are getting thicker, and they're more bushy than the mom was. So far so good. :)
  9. HIGH All, very nice DevilRed....is the 3gl pot the HIGHest your going or are you putting them in bigger pots...like a 5gl.

    Can't wait to see the end results.
  10. Nope, i keep them in 3 gallon. They do fine for indoor. I couldn't allow them to get much bigger so bigger pots would be a waste to me. I grew 5 indoor this fall in the buckets, they did great!

    Dec 6 ,03 Lil monster :)

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  11. My oops. The first few posts I labeled the growth as of NOV, it is DECEMBER. Seed was sprouted the end of NOV, now growing in DEC 03

    sorry for the confusion.
  12. She is now in her 3 gallon home

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  13. The clones

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  14. 10 days of growth, looks really good! youve got fans in there right?
  15. hey, they look healthy
    good luck on your grow i'll be watching this very closely :D !

  16. Yes I do have a fan. One small 8" fan, I run it about 3-5 hours a day. I also rub the new growth on each stem with my fingers applying pressure, then I bend them back and forth a few times, every couple days. So far all the stems are becoming very thick and woody because of this.

    More pics soon!!!!! (Im running out of room, a friend was suppose to take three clones and now he don't want them, fuck i don't want to just kill the sexy ladies) :(
  17. Lastnight was the first evening the sprout was put to 12/12 to sex it.

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  18. Clones are growing like MAD. I honestly wish they would grow slower. 3 of them are over 13" already, so I put them on 12/12 with the sprout. Pure bud this time no seeds.

    Other clones are growing normal pace (slow like I wanted)

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  19. had to post on your 420th post :) daym the indica is lookin about right. she is starting to wide out i see. you sexed much earlier than i did. i guess about this time its a 50/50 shot? i wish for the best man gl :)
  20. Well i figured im going 12/12 with a few clones i might as well attempt to sex the sprout. It is nearly 7 inches tall with over 3 nodes of growth. It should show sex at one of the nodes.

    Its more of just a trial grow of it anyhow. Obviously I hope its a lady, so i can get some smoke and see how it is. But the rest of the seeds will be grown outdoor. Depending on how good the smoke is, determines how much attention (time effort) is spent on them.

    For instance, my clones even outdoor will be watered at least every 10 days. While some of my seeds will just be sprouted, ferted once or twice at most , only watered if we don't get rain for a month. Just left to grow with nature.

    Don't really want to have a trail going to a plot of 200+ plants.......not good :(

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