White Widow + AK-47 Hydro and Soil Grow.

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  1. Well for thpose of you who followed my other thread you know the story but for any one new this is what went down.

    NWW= New White Widow
    BB= Bubble Bucket
    AK= AK-47

    i grew a NWW in the BB to grow and finish in the grow box and had 3 AK and 3 NWW in pots strictly for cloning the ones that turned female. The NWW in the BB turned out to be male but i did get a female AK and took 2 clones from it and i have a NWW that still has not shown its sex but i have a clone from it and im 95% sure that its a female any ways.

    So i basicaly had to start all over but i have 2 female AK ( 1 in the BB and 1 in a pot to make a mother ) and i have what should be a female NWW ( in a pot to make a mother out of ) and i have 5 NWW seeds germinating to fill up the rest of the box, just going for a quick grow this time. in the meantime while all this is growing i am going to construct another BB because i origionaly jsut want to do a scrog with the BB but i found that with jsut 1 plant it took a little to long for my liking to fill up the screen so i thought id make another BB while this grow is going so when im back on track for my origional plan i can fill the screen faster and harvest faster. also if i wanted i could toss in an AK and a NWW or 2 NWW. we will see when the time comes.

    also for the new people who didnt see my last grow thread:

    - I am using a 250 watt MH for veg 250 watt HPS for flower. I use GH flora micro and bloom on the lucas formula.
    - this is a legal medical grow for my grandfather who has glaucoma.
    - i do not smoke.
    - enjoy the show.

    Shot of them all ( seeds are germinating at the moment. )


    The AK BB


    AK BB ( main guard cat )


    she keeps a close eye on it
  2. i picked ak47 fem autoflower from attitude. is that what you got?
  3. very nice ak-47 one of my fav. strains good luck with it ill be pulling up a chair
  4. Subscribed:smoke:
  5. That bubble bucket looks nice, did you use the blueprints from GC? Because i've been wanting to do one too.

    Want to see how this one goes, best of luck.
  6. nope what i got is actualy New AK-47 i ordered the regular AK but they had sent me the New AK-47 improved for 2009 lol. its defentily not an autoflower

    glad to have you

    hey 77 glad to see you comin for this round

    yep my bucket is from rumples design with a few of my own modifications.

    hope you enjoy the grow......

    i will update on friday or sat. my seeds should be in pots, possibly sprouting at that point. we shall see. I can tell the BB plant is getting abck into the veg stage and not 100% on rooting any more.
  7. week 1 for clones, day 1 for seedlings.

    not much to say realy, just the start of a nother journey.

    All of them


    BB AK-47


    Potted AK-47


    Potted NWW


    NWW seedlings

  8. Update, some pics maybe?
  9. im a busy man, i got a workin life, not just growin buds, although i wouldnt mind if my workin life was growing buds on a very lage scale for a medical farm. i jjust did an update on sat and my only days off are friday and saturday so thats when i update.

  10. Man i would love to work on a pot farm.
    One of my mom's old friends shipped weed from Humbolt County all over the nation.
    my sisters friend used to do the same thing from Atlanta.

    I can't wait for the spring time, I'm going outdoors to let nature do my growin'.
    getting as many people in my high school to grow as i can.
    It's gonna be a helluva summer. some of my friends just ordered Short Rider from Nivana....

    Anyway, i'm rambling, sorry to be so impatient. A lot of the outdoor journals are in late stages of flowering right now and it has gotten me all worked up.

  11. Nice Marley Poster "Smoke & Fly"

  12. thanks man, saw that on a T-shirt once and had to have it.
  13. Well guys i know i have ben gone for 2 weeks but its ben realy busy here in glorans world. i havnt even done anything to the plants til right now since the last update i gave, other then you didnt see that i did some clones in my cloner...shout out to rumple on that one... 100% success rate.

    the AK BB was out of controle reaching the light so i had to bend her down all over the place, the AK in the pot is growing nicely as well as the NWW in the pot although the AK is more branchy.

    jsut put the clones in pots they are all NWW garunteed females so im finaly on track here.

    after seeing the AK grow in the BB i have decided that i definitly like the NWW better for it because the nodes are alot further apart on the AK and due to my space issue closer nodes is a key part to my plan. although i am leaning towards having more AK outdoors for 2010 then NWW which i was thinking the reverse before but id rather have the more branchy stretchy AK outside to take up lots of room and grow nice and big.

    its day 21 for the BB and the potted AK and potted NWW that are bigger. day 1 for the clones.






  14. Nice looking girls. The roots look very healthy!!! AK-47, WW yummy. :)

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