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White Widow 8 weeks old (pics)

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by irepdaronx, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. I have 8 white label white widow plants that are 8 weeks old tommorow. I cut the lights back to 12/12 about 13 days ago and im still not positive about their sex!! I keep thinking i found a mail but the little ball looks more like a mini bud and there are no clusters of balls! Most of the plants have pistols on them and none of them have clusters of balls. Is it normal for it to take this long to sex? (13 days into flowering) Also i know there are so many variables but my plants are healthy and assuming atleast 6 of the 8 are females do you think ill get atleast 8oz? Any advice is appreciated!

  2. Do you have any up close pictures? Mine have never taken more than a week to sex.
  3. depending on the plants genetics it may take long to flower, however your plants look like they are stretching, what is your current growing conditions i.e: soil? nutrients? lights? we are gonna need a bit more info other than that pic to really tell you whats going on

    be well

  4. also, are you sure they are white widow, those look more of the sativa variety?
  5. I got the seeds from attitude seed bank. Their White Label White Widow they may not look like it because there somewhat lanky grown under 1000 watt hps. My soil is MG moisture control and my current nutes are bloom and vigor. The closeup pics suck and you cant see much but heres one anyway.

  6. are you certain of no light during the dark cycle
  7. i say that if only 4 are female you will still reach your goal of 8ozs. 2 ounces per at least. judging by how vigourously they are vegging they should be monsterous. hope you got some good bloom nutes!!
  8. There was on instance i went to my friends house where the plants are located and turned the lights on during their dark period. I know it was stupid but i was over zealous to see if they were showing their sex yet after probably the second or third day of 12/12. I had the lights on for probably 10 minutes about an hour before they were scheduled to go on. Do you think that one time turning the lights on during the growth period stunted them as far as showing sexX??
  9. How much height do you have in your room?

    Reason I ask is that most veg for half as much time so considering how tall they are already, you're gonna have some monsterous plants once they get done stretching
  10. This!
    Dude, those are definitely sativa, or white widow outcrossed again to sativa so it is heavier on the sativa genetics.
    My white widow sexes in a few days to a week and is easy, I have aussie blues which are 90% sativa and they take 12 to 20 days just to sex, your plants favor sativa and I find sativas are harder to tell at first.
    Once you see a male and female side by side you will never have doube.
    You males will have two distinctive balls at the base of the bus shoot again this is harder to see on sativa because they have thicker bulby bases at the base of the shoot.
  11. I have about 7 feet that the plants can max out at i might have to tie them down if they stretch that much.

    But are you guys saying I got ripped off as far as it being sativa? I bought these from attitude seed bank and they are supposedly white label white widow! Thats BULLSHIT if they arent, complete false advertisement!!
  12. Also there is no balls side by side. Only 1 plant has what could be described as balls but when i look with a magnifine glass it looks more like a mini bud! There single no 2 in a group.
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    I have definetly heard that it is critical to not let any light get into the room when they are on the 12/12 cycle. It fucks up their cycle of recognizing it is time to bud. They are all looking suh-weeet tho! is there any reflector material or white surrounding the plants? I feel like the middle and lower leaves would be alot fuller if they were still gettting more light. I heard that was really important. Like, i guess its called wasting light? It looks like the ones that are more shaded, (from what i can see) are alot less full than the ones right in the light.
  14. Calm Down. White Widow is genetically a cross between an indica and a sativa- supposed to be 50-50. If you read genetics of seeds across different regions of the world, you'll see similar genetic lines and relatives that are crossed to make white widow, there is no way to know which was first, how is spread, which is closest to the original.
    What you got was a white widow, clearly heavier on the sativa side, for me, that would be good, I prefer a social cerebral high to a couch lock, so it'd be nice heady widow with a slight body high.
  15. Aside from the argument regarding your genetics, you have some healthy looking stalks there. Should produce some nice size buds.

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