white stuff on clay balls at the bottom of net pots?

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    i am using in hydro drip system and was checkin the plants the other day and seen there was white stuff on the clay balls my growing medium what is this ???

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  2. id hope it's just salt deposit. that would be the best case scenario
  3. could be calcium imho
  4. I also use a drip system, full time drip. I use 100% R/O and still sometimes get that white deposit that you have. My girls don't mind though so I'm ok with it. Still I wonder what it is though. VP
  5. i run my pump 15 min 3 times a day does that sound right if im using a drip system even tho it doesnt drip its open tube weird drips
  6. This just what I believe, others might have better answers but if you have enough oxygen (air bubbles) running then you can run that drip 24/7 been doing it 5 years straight never tried it any other way. Somebody else chime in if there's a better way, I want to learn too. VP

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