White Spots on Leaves

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  1. Hey guys,

    Iv started seeing white spots on leaves. Not sure what its from or how to stop it.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    See attached pic.

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  2. check for spider mites

  3. What the best way to get rid of them? still in veg stage.

    PS: found small/tiny white "bugs" at base of pot.
  4. its tough but possible depending on severity. SM struggle to survive in cool and humid conditions. I would get ya a spray bottle with some neem oil and start spraying a couple times everyday and try to keep it out of direct light so the soil doesnt dry out too quickly. You must keep it humid at all times for a couple days and check under leaves and at the base of the main stem regularly. Keep an eye out for small webs that have been spun as well. SM like to spin these webs usually all over the plant but ive seen it most commonly under leaves and from and to leaves. Its hard to beat em but w/ chems and neem out there its possible to completely rid them. I mix up a solution of iso alcohol too 1:3 and spray all around the rim of my pot and a little in the soil. If the alcohol comes in conntact they are killed immediately. Spray heavy concentrate neem/water on eggs under leaves if you find em too. good luck to ya

    P.S. SM can be white but other pest are white as well. You said they were very small so im guessing SM tho.

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