white spots on leaves?

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  1. Helping a non-web friendly friend with his medical grow. These appeared on some of the leaves. Not sure if its bugs or a nute issue.
    400 watt hps
    18/6 light cycle
    Temp and humidity is not very regular but it does not go below 50 and not above 95.
    Fox farm ocean forest but he has added about 30% perlite to it. The perlite he used was miracle grow perlite with added nutes apparently. It has a rating of N 0.04 P 0.01 and K 0.06.

    He has bugs in his room for sure but im not sure if they are problem critters. Sometimes i see these beetles that look like they have a shield on they're back. They like to sit on the plants. Ive also seen silk string going from one side of the room to the plants, not a web, just a single string here and there. I also saw a few tiny black bugs on the leaves that you wouldn't be able to see if they were not moving.



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    Those are defiantly spider mites and they will Fuck up your plants superfast. I had the same problem with my grow and I have a link to that in my sig. I used a can of doctor doom mite killer spray that solved the problem.
  3. Hes thinking about taking them outside and planting them in his garden as its now May. Would this solve the problem? Maybe dunk them in some soapy water first?

    Could it be powdery mildew? The white spots do not wash away.

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