White Spot On Main Cola

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  1. Hi everyone,

    So I've got my first medicinal cannabis grow going and things are looking good. Question though, there are white spots on the main Caramelicious cola. There are no white spots on any other colas though. I'm not sure if this is just how the flowers grow with this strain or not. Pics attached. Hopefully, they are just THC sacs lol.

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  2. those are tops :)
  3. Looks fine mate.
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  4. It could be your top just developing faster than the rest of the colas. It looks funny but hard to say without any other info. The leaves look healthy!

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  5. Looks like light bleaching to me, What type of light/how close is your light?
  6. I know it well esp if using LEDs. Its photo-toxicity aka light bleaching. It is not a fungus or anything bad. That bud will look different though. Might get a few more before you are done. push light back or if possible do that and rotate plant.
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