white specs like small paint chips on outer edges of leaves

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by johnnybgood, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Hello all fellow growers, can you help a brother out?

    Some of my plants have white specs on the outer edges of the fan leaves. The white specs look like tiny paint chips. They start out as a white spot outlined with brown, then these specs progress, eventually turn my leaves brown from the tip inward until the leaf wilts and dies.

    This disease seems to be spreading from the lower fan leaves upwards....attacking one leaf at a time while it moves up the plant.

    I have scoured previous posts and have found nothing similar to what i'm talking about.

    this is an outdoor grow, humidity and temps are in check, good circulation and the whole nine. just not sure if this is a fungus or virus, really hoping this isn't TMV.

    at first i thought it was because i had experimented a root zone flush with spinosad and pure spray green in an effort to ward off thrips/aphids, thought maybe the oils in the pure spray suffocated the root zone and the plant just didn't like it.....but now, it has been weeks since that flush, and the disease continues to progress. (insects are now in check with azatrol)

    any ideas?

    thank you in advance,


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