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White Russian

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Tin Man, Oct 12, 2010.

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    Recently picked up an O of White Russian

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  2. Solid, how much was the zip?
  3. It was $220
    pretty good for my area
  4. REALLY good for my area, id be lucky with 400
  5. great price and beautiful flowers!:hello:
  6. Thanks guys, its great to know a grower :cool:
  7. tell me about it for that white russian people down here gonna have to pay at LEASt 400
  8. its even greater to live with a grower !:smoke:
  9. And ever better to BE a grower! :D Hahaha, nice buds man and great price!
  10. haha thats wat i meant i got a bf pine apple chunk in my garden wit a gh slh

    btw on a scale from 1 to 10 all around
    how good was the pineapple chunk??
  11. Definitely at least a 9/10 and I'm not even kidding, lol. :smoke:
  12. thats the best news i have heard since the bitch is in my garden about to be flowered:hello::cool::smoke: o ya wat watt light you use on that grow?
  13. I just used a 250 watt metal halide/high pressure sodium setup and it worked great, got at least 4 ounces out of 2 plants (never actually weighed it).

    Sorry for derailing your thread TinMan, hopefully some rep makes up for it :smoke:
  14. Nice weed yo. :cool:
  15. Thank you for the nice comments and for the rep! :)

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