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White Russian vs. White Widow vs. AK-47 vs. White Rhino

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by DaleGribble, May 28, 2009.

  1. These are the strains I have narrowed it down to for growing in my next grow.

    My questions are, which is the easiest for a newer grower (this would be my 2nd grow), which is easier to do indoors and in a small area, which is best in soil, and which is best strength/yield wise in your opinions.
  2. i would go with the w.w. or the ak, i personally have consumed all except the white russian and those two beat white rhino hands down. personally i would go with the ak bcuz it has strong indica genetics so it will be smaller and bushier than the w.w. and because it is bushier you will prolly have a better yeild. but either one would be good. happy growing :)
  3. i was thinking WW was the best bet. especially for potential bag appeal. but white russian is white widow x ak47 so thats why i was interested in it. apparently it is hard to get good seeds for it though.
  4. white russian has massive yields. And any time my dealer has white russian, Ima runnin straight to him :smoking:
  5. I personally have done widow, rhino, great white shark, and have smoked russian (i got the seeds, havent started em yet) So far the shark beat them all, especially the yeild and bag appeal if thats what your looking for. The guy i got the White russian from gave me the ultimate goody bag; 25 seeds, and a small bag if pollen. I used the Russian pollen on some great white sharks, yet to test em tho. Try the shark, but to keep with the post Rhino all the way, fuck AK if your looking to cash crop.
  6. i was interested in rhino because of its look and supposed potency, but it apparently tastes horrible. does it?
  7. Nice. I've narrowed my next seed purchase to WW or WRus as well. I really like the characteristics of both strains. I think it'll come down to price & seed co. I'm not familiar with the Rhino and have done the AK considerably in the past.
    Wouldn't all three "whites" have similar potentcies?
  8. I would think, since all but the AK in my list are related back to the widow, but ive read bad stuff about phenotypes showing in White russian seeds beside Serious Seeds which dont ship to the US?
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    Ak47 = 50 % Sativa 50% Indica

    Has taken awards in both the Indica and Sativa cup due to its 50/50 genetics. Also Ak47 was originally considered a sativa because of its uplifting high and its introdutory enrollment into the sativa cup when the genetics were first being revealed. Recently the stran has been backcrossed with the more indica dominant phenotypes to create a plant that looks more like a indica plant. W.W. On the other hand is 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. White Russian is a cross between AK47 and W.W.. I have not clue whats up with the shark. Hopefully that helps you out, and ganjahero if your gonna suggest a Indica then know your genetics homie.

    I hear that white widow is a very forgiving plant. I read somewhere that it will survive a few days without watering with no problems. I hear that White Russian is another easy plant to grow. I am currently growing some White Russians right now(lowlife autos, will later post bud shots and smoke report). Dont know much about the others you listed. I hear a lot of people saying the autoflowering AK47's are pretty easy to grow. Good luck choosing ur seeds, and have fun with your grow!
  10. the market is to saturated with AK and dark red haired bud already, around here ak fetches 200 an oz TOPS, while crystaly lime green calyxy bud (great white shark, the hog, rhino, russian) goes from 220-250. the finishing time and yeilds for ak are mediocre compared to white rhino and some widow phenos. also the ak stretchs when it starts to flower, ALOT. ther are some +'s for the ak, tastes and smells fuckin awsome, very identifiable.

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