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White rhino?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Uncle fudge, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. Anybody had any before? How is the high? Im picking up a half oz tommorrow of some of it. I'll post pics tommorrow too :)
  2. The original is Medicine Man from Mr Nice, a real heavy high if its chopped late and can have an amazing sharp taste and smell.
  3. Is it like a couch lock high or can you still do stuff? How is the munchies also? I heard white rhino gives you a crazy apetite which I am looking forward too :D
  4. If its real white rhino then expect couch lock, munchies and a deep sleep...if you're not in an MMJ state though I wouldn't hold your breath on it being legit WR though..but as long as its dank its all good
  5. If its been chopped late and its the indica pheno then its very couchlock :)  I always get the munchies after a nice indica.
    I've tried feminised White Rhino from Greenhouse and Nirvana I think, they both had a nice laid back high with great taste and smell. If its been grown right then it should be good.

    I live in new york but my dealer is a big time pusher. Everything she has sold me so far has been consistently some dank bud that has always been the real deal so I think im good :)
    How much time you think im gonna stay up for before I pass the fuck out into a deep sleep?
    Thanks bro. Even though I don't like sleeper strains that much im still hoping for the best tommorrow :)
  7. Idk could be couple hours, could be 30 min. Depends on your tolerance and how much you smoke. When I had no tolerance and would smoke a lot I could be passed out within an hour lol
  8. Alright thanks man. Never passed out in the past 6 years i have been smoking hopefully this strain wont be the one to do it :p

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