White rhino curing

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by holdinbanks, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. i some of my smaller branches are dry, its been like 2 days, that cant be good. so i put them in mason jars to get some moisture back. i hope their is still some moisture, and the buds seem to be a little damper already. ok heres my question, i smoked the bud, i got high... why didnt i cough, is it because its not cured? i have pics of my plant and the trichs, the hairs were way more than 50%, the trichs were milky and amber. i smelled great, its sticky icky, but i didnt cough. but im really high
  2. u sound like an idiot....lol tell us how you did it from chop to now
  3. what's coughing got to do with it? you cough when your lungs are agitated...if you DON'T cough, that's a good sign. That's what we call "smooth"

    Why would you want to get moisture back into your buds? They are meant to be dry.
  4. I never cough unless I cache the bowl.

    I would say let it finish drying before jarring it, it needs at least 4-6 days, not 2.

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