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White power

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ombiel, Jun 6, 2002.

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  1. As you read this, AIDS is taking lives in Sub-Saharan Africa, swallowing families, communities, hopes. So far 17 million have died. At least 25 million may follow. Why arent any countries like the US, the worlds major power doing anything. Life-extending drugs are out there. Wealthy countries use multidrug-cocktail therapies that transform AIDS from certain killer to chronic illness and reduce its spread by making the infected less contagious. The people you just read about could stop dying if they too had access to the drugs.
    Despite years of evidence of AIDS\' genocidal toll on poor countries, no one has brought these drugs within reach of ordinary Africans. In fact, the people who make the drugs - American- and European-owned multinational pharmaceutical corporations - and their home governments, notably Washington, have worked hard to keep prices up by limiting exports to the Third World and vigorously enforcing patent rights. They argue that drug firms legitimately need the profits to finance research on new wonder drugs. They say it\'s not wise to offer cheap AIDS drugs without a proper medical infrastructure - that deadly, drug-resistant strains would emerge. But at what point does the human benefit to desperate, destitute countries outweigh strict adherence to patents and profits? Are politicians and corporations that blinded by ignorance. I think so, for one the CIA fed black citizens crack, and committed genocide in third world countries like Columbia. It\'s possible that the US\'s drug war and this,(among other things) are ways to strategically eliminate cultures of minorities and people of different ideologies than our own Western, Material Societies (Among other things . These acts are that unbelievable that no one would even think of them, and if someone did and confronted them they would, deny it and say you\'re crazy.


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