White Power Milk

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  1. White Power Milk - Welcome

    Man, this stuff looks delicious, I gotta try some! I wonder if you get chunks of food from the girls mouths included in the milk?I bet it's delicious.

    Na, in all seriousness though...what the fuck?! :confused:
  2. There should be a poll on who you whose milk you would choose.

    I think, of the six girls on display, I'd drink from Sarah. She is only a week older than me, but her tongue is a little yellow...

    I must say, I'm a little disappointed, I thought this was breast milk for sale. Not gargled milk.
  3. Nazi's learned that sex sells.:cool:
  4. Whaatt the fuck.
  5. dude..... is this what i think this is?

  6. Faaaaak sake. :confused:
  7. I agree, one more vote for Sarah. Reminds me of a girl I knew when I was younger. Man oh man would I have drank her milk :yummy:
  8. dude thats fucking raunchy....
    the girls aren't even hot! (well not hot enough for me to wanna drink their garglings...)

  9. "Sarah's milk is bold, characteristically thick and buttery like melted vanilla ice cream. Collectors tend to enjoy her as a dessert. A little goes a long way, so take your time. Allow her flavors to permeate the mouth slowly. It's not a race."

    So apparently her milk is great as a desert, and only $150 for 2 oz's. Lol wuuuuuut?
  10. omfg i didnt even look at prices... I read the purification process and that did it for me.....
    these guys are fucking bozo's if they think their gonna make money off this lol
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    I think this is a troll website. No way anyone's throat lining tastes like fucking buttery vanilla.
  12. just found a vid of the creator of it...i guess he thinks he's getting some racial message across, or promoting his "art"..he does say the site is legit and you can actually order the "product"...fucking nuts. Lol

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_onlySeGGaU]Performance artist Nate Hill talks about the White Power Milk project 07 15 11 - YouTube[/ame]

  13. So I don't get it -- do they gargle it or not? If they don't I say THIS MAN IS A FRAUD.

    Speaking of fraud...

  14. What I wanna know is what did you google to come across thy website?

  15. I got an email from them. I have no clue why though.......
  16. These girls look like they gargle something else other than milk lol.
  17. "Hahaha, this has to be a joke..."
    "Rich, beautiful, white girls, huh? Yeah, this is definitely a joke."
    "Where's the part where it tells me it's not real?"
    "Add to cart... this can't be real..."
    "When I click check out, it's going to give me a troll face or some shit, right?"

    "Mother of God, it's real."
  18. The only fuckable one is Sarah... That shit cray

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