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"White Out"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SharpShooter, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Have you ever White out while you are holding in a hit? this only happens to me if im smoking really dank weed...this is how i usually judge if the weed is good or "white out" i mean while you are holding in a hit u feel the hit in your head like everything is getting blurry and thighs just become all white...and when u exhale things start to become normal again...usually i hold in da hit sooo long da no smokes come out when i exhale....
  2. well thats a horrible way to judge. lol stop suffacating your self and smoke pot like a normal non fiending drug addict. sorry holding in your hits till things turn white is stupid
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  3. i only had one of those once, and it was from smoking some pot of gold out of a gravity bong.
  4. ummm, that's called oxygen depletion, and it's not good, fellas.
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  5. i thought the term white out for was when i guy gets mad paranoid or freaks out and his face is all flushed and white
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  6. hahah

    cant b heealthy
  7. its not the lack of oxygen doing that...its the weed.

    try taking a puff of a cig...hold it in for 20 might get a little light headed but no "white out".

    take a hit of dank weed (real dank shit, not what you call "dank") hold it in for 10 seconds...your vision will become a bit blurry then you will feel a sensation through-out your whole body.

    if you dont get that feeling then youre not smoking real dank.

    ahhhh...i love LA weed. :smoke:
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  8. I've only had this happen to me once. I was smoking with one of my buddies and I had enough for a couple bong hits from a quarter of some real fine dank-the nice shakey goodness at the bottom of the sack. So I went to take a hit.. and since there wasn't a whole lot I didn't pack it. Probably a mistake, because it ripped incredibly fast. Cleared the hit and started to hold it and then my vision started to get funky and a ton of spit started getting in my mouth. I stumbled over to the sink(exhaling on the way) and spit out a huge amount of saliva.

    Needless to say, it was weird, but damn if I didn't get stoned.
  9. i think it is oxygen depletion cause we used to make ourselves pass out in class just to freak teachers out. and thats kinda what it was like.

  10. ur probly just killin brain cells and shit.. idk tho haha sounds fun ;p.. ive had tears come out after a hit (didnt cough tho jsut a tear rollin down face haha) thats some weird shit ..
  11. HAHAH....this guy kno wat im talkin about...i get my weed frum la too......the thing is the weed has to be REALLY dank for this to happen....if this doesnt happen to ya, u juss aint smoking dank enough weed....HAHAHA
  12. i get that when i hold my hits too long. it takes me by surprise, not that i don't like it, but i assume it's probably bad for me. hehe.
  13. nah, u aint holding it in too long....thats how i smoke all the time, every hit..u feel the hit through ur head and your body, and your eyes blurr...and thats how you know its good weed....

  14. YO, wykid, wat kind of danks u gettin up there in LA?

  15. uhhh.....i think i know when im not getting enough oxygen buddy...i dont need to be taught how to beathe...
  16. it happens to me pretty regular. a couple of times on the freeway....that really is a rush, kinda feels like you are under water on the deep end of the pool holding yor breath. or someone has your head in a vice and they keep tightening and loosening it. im always amazed that im steal alive after that happens. i always imagine thats probably what it feels like when you have taken your last breath in life. but some how i always snap out of it and take another hit.

  17. HAHAHA.... i try to make it happen every hit, thats what i consider a "good hit"...
  18. Yeah it's not oxygen depletion. It happened to me once, the first time I blaze a blunt (so I didn't hold it long). After the 2nd hit everything got white and I could only make out the outlines of my friends. I just leaned against a wall and said "whoa". I was panicked for a minute (I was still semi-new to blazing) but it didn't last long. I'm not sure if that just means good weed, or if there's another factor that comes into play. I mean, that weed was good and all but I've smoked much better.
  19. weird, when i hold a giant hit everything starts slowly growing dark then i sit down and exhale and the high rushes over my entire body and if it was a badass hit i start tripping for 5-10 seconds. only happens if im smoking out of a 2 footer + and i stand up for/after the hit.
  20. funny, we call that BLACK OUTS:D

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