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White noise being picked up as music?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by brian1671, May 11, 2011.

  1. Sometime after smoking a shit load of weed, like around 1 to 2 grams in a single sesh out of a bong or when i eat edibles i hear songs playing in my mind exactly like they are comming from an ipod, its weird though and completely random like last night i finished a sesh then turned on my shower and i started to hear and recite bohemian rhapsody a song that i havent listend to in years yet i can play the whole background and singing in my mind, does this happen to anyone else?
  2. sometimes I will think I hear a completly random song playing, and I'll listen closer and actually hear the song just how it really is, even though it's not playing
  3. yeah i swear this is how most recording artists come up with inspiration. happens to me too

  4. ahahah exactly what i go through at least i know im not crazy or some shit
  5. One time I was in my friends bathroom and I thought the noise of the fan was a piano. It was really well played too.
  6. yea this happens to me very frequently when i get extremely stoned. At first it literally scared the shit out of me, but now i enjoy it. My own little radio.

  7. yea i think of it as i dont need to carry my ipod if im getting baked haahhaha
  8. yes when i smoke a a lot of trees i will hear music so clearly. but i know its not there. hard to explain really....
  9. This happens even sober.

    sometimes i'll be listening to a song in a dream, and I'll wake up and that song will seem like it's BLASTING in my bedroom. pretty cool. :smoke:

    sometimes I reach for the stereo remote... only to accidently turn it on :rolleyes:

    Hallucinations are the shizzzznit.
  10. Glad I'm not the only one to get this effect from weed. I love getting super stoned and listening to a random song at a really low volume and I start hearing really nice distorted guitar sounds, like some of the best guitar solos you'll ever hear.
  11. haha one time i put a song on on youtube and i was watching the little red line thing move at the buttom and was watching the video, just listening to the song, and it was a beautiful song, and i listened to it for about three minutes before i realized my speakers were off.. yea...
  12. Good to see it happens to others too
  13. I hear it both sober and high. I'm a guitarist so I usually have stuff going on in my head followed by me transcribing it. When I'm high I come up with crazy shit haha
  14. I was at a park with some friends and kids were on the swings and the squeaking noises sounded like beautiful violins playing. I went home and recorded it and made a whole song out of the "swing melody" :)

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