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White Lighters?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MountainJew, May 11, 2010.

  1. So, I just heard this thing saying that white lighters are bad luck?? Any comments? Is this true, i mean, all lighters are white, just with something on top of them, or they are colored. Anybody actually use a white lighter? Have any experiences of bad luck?
  2. I had a friend that had a AK pulled on him when he used a white lighter.

    Personally I think its just something someone made up (I still don't use them though)

    I've also heard that grape dutches are bad luck too, but haven't heard any stories.
  3. Unless your whickan or you have had some bad experience with white lighters, why believe it? I have one of the small white bics that is in the grip case. Never had a problem. To be honest, I think white lighters look awesome. But, I have also heard that if you get searched, it is easier to see resin on a white lighter. But then again all bics have a white bottom so...
  4. All I buy is white lighters...just in spite of this silly superstition. I have one in my pocket right now, and a few more at home...
  5. Fuckin' stupid. Really? I guess all you teenage "seasoned tokers" are superstitious.
  6. All I gotta say is that the only time my pipe was ever found it was next to a white lighter and both got confiscated, by a family member..... :rolleyes:
  7. yes white lighters and other light colored lighters are the shit. you can see how much fluid is left if you hold it up to a light.

    fuck all that bad luck b/s. i wish i met the person that made up that shit, i'd show em bad luck.
  8. i almost got rolled on using a white lighter, and since then i havent used one, but thats just me
  9. There's no origin to this stupid shit and there's no logical reason to be afraid of a particular colored object.

    If somebody refused to smoke in my sesh because my lighter was white I would smiley his ass with it, and do it until he changed his mind. Give him a fucking reason to fear the lighter

  10. Yes. You posted this in the wrong forum. Also, to answer your question, it's total bullshit, the idea that any color lighter is good or bad luck.

    You should have posted here:

    "Apprentice Tokers: This is the forum for you if you're new to toking or you have questions about the herb. If you're new to the City, this forum might be for you, as well."

    Instead you posted here:

    "Seasoned Tokers Been puffin' for a while? This spot is for our truly experienced smokers. If you're a seasoned toker, please share your vast knowledge of the herb and discuss your adventures with Mary Jane in this forum with other seasoned tokers.
  11. I'd just be like "More bud for me!" and be done with it.
  12. i use white lighters occasionally, theyre pretty haha. the reason they're considered bad luck (as far as i know) is that jim morrison, kurt cobain, janice joplin, and jimi hendrix died at age 27 with white lighters in their pockets
  13. First off there's nothing to document that. It's an urban legend. Second, did you know that 100% of people who are born end up dying? LIFE is the leading cause of DEATH! :eek:

  14. Learn up on the forever 27 club bucko.
  15. :rolleyes: I'm familiar with it. Show me the actual reports that list the white lighters and I'll admit I'm wrong and move on. It's an urban legend.

  16. oh my.. Washington ?
  17. Why is it suspicious that known heavy substance abusers all died young with lighters?

    White lighters are not bad luck.
  18. chill out man im just saying what ive read
  19. its not white!!!! yellow lighters get you busted not the wight ones. white lighters are SAFE

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