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  1. Just ran across the white lighter myth here on GC, never heard that before, read the origins of the whole crazyness, proceeded to freak the fuck out(quite high), open my 2nd story bedroom windown, take out the screen, chuck the white bic sitting iin my backpack(not smoking with, was in use to light incense luckily) out the window over a couple walking their dog into the street. I yelled "Sorrry White Lighter Aahh!" at them as they stared at me and looked scared/confused. It took my high ass 10 min to put the screen back in from the inside, sit down and now I'm typing and laughing at myself thought id share.
  2. whats the white lighter myth?
  3. Bro story cool super
  4. Wowbrahfersureserfer
  5. what's the white lighter myth??? i love white lighters
  6. Honestly I have never seen a white lighter in my life. Please show me.
  7. White lighter is basically a lighter that had the colored wrapping taken off.

    They are known to be bad luck.
  8. "Apparantley" Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin and Kurt Cobain, who all died when they were 27 and were all left handed, died with a white bic lighter in their pocket. Just a popular myth though, bic lighters didnt come out untill 1973 so Cobain could of been the only one who died with one.
  9. That's funny. :) But I just don't see how people are so superstitious of them. EVERYONE should just mail their white lighters to me..i'll use them! A light is a light dude
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  11. I always heard that it was because when you push down on a bowl with your lighter the res will stick and show on a white lighter. So Cops look at the bottom of white lighters for res.
  12. but the bottom of every bic is white......The bottom of my brown lighter is super resiny.
  13. It's just a little myth concocted to scare superstitious people. A couple of stoners probably had some bad luck follow them during their time using a white Bic lighter for smoking and blamed it on that, as opposed to looking at the karma they weren't racking up.

    I personally don't really care, but I wonder sometimes since three of my friends have been busted with white Bics in tow.

    Plus, when I was smoking with this one dude, if he saw you with a white Bic he would get up, grab the Bic nonchalantly, toss it out of the house/garage/20 foot radius, and hand that person another lighter because he was extremely paranoid about the myth.
  14. i'v managed to go since i was 13 without ever smoking with a white lighter. i'm 22 now.

    fuck white lighters! i'v seen what they do!
  15. Uh, key word here.

    Sorry, but I just don't get this at all, especially since most/all of the hype surrounding this has been debunked completely. (Kind of hard to put a white lighter in Hendrix or Joplins pocket when the Bic lighter wasn't invented until 1973.)

    Again, I just don't get it...Unless you're insanely superstitious, then by all means throw them all away for no real reason...
  16. i dont use them simply because with negative beliefs negative things seem to happen... that and if kurt had one then thats enough for me. R.I.P
  17. OP nice story. White lighters are...im high
  18. we think things into existence man. thats the reason white lighter fuck shit up. wen yhou think negative shit into existence knock on wood ull be str8

    cloud 9
  19. Yup, you're high alright...:D

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