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White Leave Curling Up - JUST TRANSPLANTED

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Johnmon, May 14, 2012.

  1. Sup guys. I just transplanted 16 of my girls from dixie cups under 2 CFL's and 1 LED for 4 weeks apx. outside into a large field lots of sun. It rained quite a bit the day after I transplanted then got a ton of sun. I went out to check on them and almost all of the plants leaves had turned very white and started to curl up. I checked on them again yesterday and it seemed to get a little better but im still worried. Is it just shock from environment change? Check em out!

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  2. Any thoughts???
  3. mold? does it rub off? only time i seen white stuff on my plant was from mold
  4. what kind of soil did you transplant them into?

  5. Miracle grow =/ haha its all i had. but the thing was i transplanted 12 in the miracle grow buckets. and then kept 4 in the dixie cups. and the dixie cup clones were doing the same thing as the miracle grow buckets so it cant be the soil... and no its not mold
  6. miracle grow is the problem pertaining to the pictures you posted.

    what soil were the plants in the dixie cups planted in?


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