White Label RooR picked up at awesome price! w. milkshot

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  1. Picked it up for $42 from a friend. Got it pretty clean, looks like new besides the downstem. The bowl that came with it is pretty nice and its a diffused roor downstem. thought it was a pretty good price. the ashcatcher for my lux fits it too.
    looks nice with the lux thats currently being repaired, hopefully itll come back
  2. 42 bucks? reallly? even if its not a legit roor, which i have no reason to suspect that is damn cheap for a nice gong
  3. That looks legit, and it's one helluva pickup for 40$.
  4. i dont know if im too high but in the milkshot pic the RooR logo is backwards and the sig is on the left side, and other pics is on the right.... or was the pic taken in a mirror?

  5. qft

    how thick is a white label? looks like 3.2
    idk 5

    nice buy
  6. it was a photobooth video at first so everything was inverted, just did a screenshot of it, so yeah its backwards in that pic.
  7. looks like its from a webcam, which would make thing read backwards sorta like a mirror u know?
  8. bump and a new pic, cleaned my ashcatcher
  9. milky..... great buy for 42$
  10. wow, your so luck for getting that so cheap
  11. great pickup at a great price!
  12. Very nice price, but that downstem is NOT clean, sorry.... try covering the ends with your fingers and shaking it while it's full of rubbing alcohol with a bit of salt.
  13. damn forty bucks:eek:!! thats a steal son:smoke::smoke:. I had the same thing happen to me but my homie sold me a mini lux with a 5 arm perc for 75 bucks. heres to having poor friends with nice stuff:hello::hello:
  14. yeah, i meant i cleaned my ashcatcher, but that downstem is gross. but i remedied that by buying a new one that i could use that bowl on. ran out of rubbin alcohol, or else these wouldve been squeaky clean. :smoking:

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