White house deputy director gets grilled....

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  1. Fuck that piece of shit. Legalize it!
  2. I hope this is played on tv. This is the stuff they need to be talking about more!
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    Michael Botticelli @ 45:10 Is the devil
  4. I can't click the link :(
  5. Yeah, I loved that shit. basically made the guy look like a giant ass.
  6. Michael Botticelli stammers a lot, grasping for anything to keep from sinking under his lies being exposed
  7. And another drug war propaganda hearing behind us like the last three,,angry legislators cross examining ONDCP
    ACT I
    All committee members including Chair are appalled by racial disparity and law enforcement applications along arrests of more minorities without admitting WOD is WOPoverty.
     If anyone ever counts public defender convicts and paid lawyer inmates the truth is exposed.
    Act II.
    ONDCP swears to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me god,,I think,,had bullshit meter set too high,,immediately launches a 5 minute ONDCP double talking,statistic skewing false concerns options that won't change anything and no promise of any reduction in flow of drugs,use or availability for children to buy better weed than I can.
    Closes with overdose of double talk that destroyed my bullshit meter by implying more funding needed for more programs start up,,if "turd way" policy is enacted that will allow new grants to buy more support in state legislatures(see http://us-government-grants.net/law-enforcement-grants/) to become more active in moving towards turd way by building the rehab centers that major investors refuse to do,,states accept grants and become the newest WOD profiteers,,and could cause some states to inrease penalties so they can get on the turd way lottery  ,,especially in states wihout voters initiatives.
    Act III
    Question from enraged legislators and legislators joining the hearing,,one wanting to pursue turd way policy,,very good questions and concerns,,answered with logic so twisted that even the ONDCP didn't believe his own words,,and nobody on the committee either.
    Act IV
    Closing statement was regretting that DEA and DOJ weren't in attendance but DOJ was still preparing report to congress and I missed why Michelle was under the weather with all that seized top grade MMJ and a bottle of Sinola coke to chase it with,,notice no mention of the latest latest alleged dancing with the devil for  12 years
    BEST news is the  POSSIBLE release of WOSD prisoners,,punished to harshly,,expect millions of request from every marijuana prisoner and requests for expunging  peoples arrest records for low level marijuana crimes in every state,,should be a flood hit the agency involved in every state Monday
    Best new term: schizophrenic drug policy,,WOW,,I will use WOD a lot less.
    Results so far from every hearing  so far:Minimum sentencing reduced to slow prison prison population growth(no money to build more prisons),DOJ reveals possible releases of schizophrenic drug policy political prisoners(show of compassion to cover reducing the prison populations without changing any laws or softening stance and continuing bounty money grants law enforcement receives to persecute and arrest us).
    New plan to build a relief valve to keep prison population full and keep them within legal  capacity levels and avoid this situation ever again.
    Call from warden to AG,,Need 10 more inmates for empty beds,,AG calls district judges in big cities and requests 2 from each cities poor neighborhoods,DA look at docket and search for which two marijuana criminals fill the order and due to judicial prerogative of rehab paid for by insurance or Medicare any one that has neither has a free lottery ticket
    Results:A well oiled self feeding slave work force,,welcome to prohibition paid for by the  richest for a few million dollars buying committee members that could possibly effect the smooth operation and WE pay foot bill to fund continued prohibition of HEMP and marijuana that  will continue as long as our government can drive a wedge between hemp supporters ///MMJ ///legalizers ///legalizers ///hemp supporters,,divided we fall.
    Solution,,,,,,vote out reefer madness infected :
    state governors,legislators,judges,mayors,prosecutors,sheriffs,city managers,council members,dog catchers,and anyone you can't vote out start petitions for their recall that supports the schizophrenic drug policy ,,and a 4;20 party at every state capitol and Obama's house for those that want choom with him,,,that is how I see it Vern.

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  8. PS:,,when the legislature kept asking the Bonehead if he disagreed with Presidents statement that was no more  harmful than alcohol and he finally agreed that the President was probably right,,then he broke out standard ONDCP double speak and slid on by the fact that he just told the committee his entire testimony was based on NIDA science,,he just admitted NIDA science is corrupted,,the ONDCP/DEA and N.I.H, knew it was always no more harmful than alcohol and they are keeping marijuana Schedule 1 and busting people for it after real science found it safe twice,,
    Justify all the damage the government has wreaked,,in the name of a dollar.
    Consoder how many wrongful arrest civil suits people have
  9. No kidding, his several slips of tongue really exposed the false classification for the simple fact he couldn't deny that cannabis is far less addictive and harmful then schedule 2 drugs, methamphitimine and cocaine. He also pretty much admitted that there is medical use by saying they aren't prosecuting medical users. Why not, if there is no medical use according to the DEA? They had him trapped and he kept spouting bullshit.
  10. I cracked up when he just barely caught himself from calling it 'mari-juwanna'.
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    The bureaucrats may get a free oass form Congress for lying to America but I don't think the public will,,we have told them this for decades,,but we are potheads they knew were lying because the government told them so,,attitudes are changing more everyday  and now the government has to explain how the above shcizophrenic policy was ever apporoved by Congress,,why would a country alledged to be a government of the people for the people by the people ever have a government that locks out any possibility to change harmful laws? 
    And one of the reform organizations invited needs to make that their first questions to any/all  federal bureaucrats at the next hearing.
    I am sending emails to all of them pointing this out,,just in case they missed it,
    We can all send them emails,,and emails pointing this out to all your legislators and people in positions to change laws in states,counties,and towns
  12. Told my wife it's just like a boxing match - watch the little man try to dance until the bell without getting knocked out. 
  13. Rotisserried over a fire would have been better.
  14. Think who controls the monkeys in Congress. Large corporations. These actors are pushing for a path that feeds cannabis right into these very corporations that own Congress. All they need is a stuge to sit there and make Congress look like geniuses.
    Congress' approval rating is historically (and rightfully) low. They aren't suddenly "right" on the issue of cannabis because they've learned to tell people what they want to hear. This is good theatre, and that's about it.

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