White hairs on stems?

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  1. So I have 6 bagseed sprouts and I noticed that the stems are covered in white hairs. If it were bud it would look so fuckin dank its got so many white hairs on it. I am wondering what those white hairs really are. Are they trichs? These things are more covered in white hairs then the plants i got from a seed bank. so now im wondering what they are....lol
  2. im not understanding ur question bro. but it sounds like u said u have hairs on sprouts. it sounds like mold.
  3. Its little white hairs on the sprouts stem kinda like bud has trich's only I dont think they are trich's...they arent mold, its normal for these white hairs to be on the stems but i dont know what they are or the purpose of them. If i had a cam that could do marco's I would take some pic's. There's gotta be some old skool growers that know what they are.
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    oops missread that, pretty baked lol.
    I dunno the purpose of them either, Im kinda curious now :p
  5. well most plants have them hairs on them. and weed plants have em all over. when u start getting leafs on it and look real close ull see em on the leafs to.
  6. I took as best a picture as my camera would allow me to, My camera wont do marcos, because it gets blurry if I try to do an extreme closeup, but you can see the white hairs on the stem. BTW, dont worry about the sprout in the background, it isnt dying, its just bending towards the cfl I have over top of the contaner.

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    lol your plant is fine man you worry to much, they arent trichs, the white hairs are needed to absorb water
  8. I know they are fine...lol. I just wanna know what they are. I googled it and I cant find anything that will tell me what these hairs are or what they do. Im going to be putting all 6 seedlings outdoors in a plot I pick out tomorrow morning.
  9. The white hairs are normal, the stretching is not.

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