white hair turning orange early

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  1. The white hairs started turning orange while the buds were still forming and the buds are now refusing to get any bigger, help:p
  2. how long into bloom are you and how long have noticed to bud not getting any bigger?
  3. you positive they've stopped growing? my hairs are turning actually they've been turning slowly anyway since day 17 or so of flowering. but buds are growing and new white hairs are forming etc im at day 25 now

    here's one of them

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  4. hairs shouldnt turn until the end of bud stage, if they are turning now then you are doin something to stress your plants, need more details for further analysis.
  5. hey your question got me curious so i did a little research and found this web page. here's a quote:

    here is the link to the original post. it's another forum

  6. Safe everyone who posted. They are in week 5 flowering. In levingtons (decent brand) with some perlite, under 600w growlux. Not ferted in a while cos cant find high P low N at the local garden center, (is that right for flowering?) Got 1 ww, 1 blueberry, 1 white rhino. Blueberry started growing nice fat buds at the top of each stem but bud growth lower down the branch slowed a lot. Thought they might fill out but now hairs are startin to turn orange. Still hoping they will fill out over the noxt couple of weeks.
  7. they will turn orange if polleniated
  8. :eek:thats not what i wanted to hear . Was out all day the other day unexpectedly n when i came back they were so dry they were droopin n looked like dying. Lookin much better now so hopefully saved them just in time
  9. dude where are you getting your information?? week 5 of flowering better have some hairs turning. 80% hairs (around the time for harvest) doesnt just happen overnight lmfao

    hairs will turn and it doesn't mean the buds are pollinated. you'll KNOW if it's pollinated because you can see the production of seeds start.
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  10. yeah clearly, this aint my first grow but was curious cos usually buds are bigger and more filled out by the time they turn. Plus they turned almost overnight a while ago n not changed much since and buds arent as big.
  11. ask the experts if you think im wrong, yes there should be orange hairs @ wk 5, but at any stage, if a pistle gets pollenated it will turn orange after the pollen has made its way down inside, & he sais they where turning earily
  12. whatever bro you can look at the pic i already posted and see orange hairs at day 25. and if you just look around at random bud pics on this site you can find plenty of buds w/ lots of turned hairs way before harvest time.

    and they are not pollinated. i have one bagseed plant i got lucky with her being female... so obviously it's not pollinated. and no it's not a hermie, plus, either way you'd be able to see seed production

    my guess is that it has to do w/ the actual strain... go ahead and take a lot at some pics, there are plenty of both types: ones that have no hairs turned at all, and lots that have lots turned that arent very close to harvest
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  13. lol so wuz it evar pollinated?!
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  14. Week 5 Cookie Kush - 6ft tall - 1200w LED - DWC

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  15. What the fuck kind of info is trhis? hairs turn orange al through the flower cycle. pollination works differently than how the guy stated.
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  16. Hairs turn orange from between 2 and 5 weeks of flowering depending on strain that's what I've noticed anyway. Whoever said it's been pollinated needs to do some actual growing.

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  17. I just had a hermie last round and all my plants got pollinated. Yes the 'hairs' do turns orange when pollinated. That is the receptor for pollen. Once pollinated, the hair dies off and seed production begins. HOWEVER, this isn't the only reason they turn orange. I currently have 4 strains going. 2 have been turning orange for a couple weeks while still producing new white hairs. 2 other strains are still completely white. 9 weeks in. HTH
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  18. I love to see that kush canoeing leaves
  19. Does anyone have any links to articles related to orange hairs in early flower but not being pollinated? Would like to read more about it.

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