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    Hey everyone, after 3 attempts of growing, the first two using bagseed and the 3rd using what I thought was going to be a stable strain ( afgan kush ryder) I have finally landed with some good genetics here and can't wait for things to really start rolling, considering I was slightly impressed just for my first attempts. I have 5 femmed WD's but will be doing one at a time, for space reasons and because I wanna focus on one and perfect it.


    4 x 26 watt daylight cfl's (104 true watts)
    more bulbs will easily be added via y splitters if neccesary, but this should do for now.

    2x 120 mm cpu fans for intake

    150 mm cpu fan for outtake pushing through an activated carbon filter

    4 inch fan just moving air around

    Gardener's Gold organic soil (closely comparable to FFOF)

    Below are some pics of the set-up, only a few things are different here. The pictures show when the kush ryder and super skunk were in there, had to be pulled unfortunately, but this will be worth the delay in the end. At least I know they responded well to the soil and set-up :D Oh and the pot I'm using is actually a rectangular rubbermaid box, about 2 feet x 1 foot and about 5 inches deep. I was wondering if for some reason I would run into issue with this. I love the idea because it utilizes my space very well, giving more room for height and I would think the roots will have plenty of room to stretch out. If someone disagrees, let me know early on so I can change this!

    Day 1- I have a little sprout looking healthy and just chilling, it's opened up much more then what's pictured though

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  2. looking good man.we all started a group the autogrowers association theres about five of us now you should join and post your grow with us in there,but cant wait to see the white dwarf i might have to try me some toooooo,:D
  3. Thanks for the comment destroyer! Where can I find this group? lol and pics of her at day 5 will be up shortly, I forgot to mention that it will be a picture update every five days, at least for now. She's opened up way more and is on her second leaf set :hello:

  4. Nice setup man i was wondering where did u get those light sockets that house ur cfls i need some and cant find them anywhere.
  5. thanks seabee, and I found those bulb attachments in both walmart and home depot. I ended up getting them at home depot because I needed to get Y-splitters as well. Once she gets drastically bigger, I'll be replacing just the four bulb sockets with 3 sockets and 3 Y splitters and replace some of the bulbs with soft white's. Well we'll see how it all goes ;)
  6. Day 5

    I felt only 2 26 daylights are necessary for the first few days, and then I have loads of lights to add when necessary

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  7. hey wat did you hook your bulbs up 2? like what do they screw into i cant findout
  8. Hey nosmoke nice journal. Happy to see you joined the AGA! We'll be checkin it out. :smoking:
  9. Thanks destroyer for hooking me up with that link, and watsonfour, here's exactly what you should be looking for. You can see that these sockets have two male connectors that plug into your standard wall plug. So currently, I'm using two of those that are plugged directly in a power strip. I have another two that I'll be adding though. The nice thing about these is that it's the least space consuming way of hooking bulbs up directly to a power strip.

    And thanks buzz, glad I joined! And it will be interesting to see how this goes, I have high expectations though :D


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  10. I like the set-up. Nice!
  11. hey nosmoke.no problem bro glad you joined up hope to see your grow journal in there,ill be watching this grow cause my poison dwarfs are only 2 days behind your whites so i wanna see the differences in growth and eventually yeald. well so far so good eh smoke.
  12. thanks nosmoke
  13. I like the setup , that's actually pretty cool . Keep us updated with pics and good luck with your grow . Take it easy .
  14. thank's jurassic, hope you stay tuned.

    Destroyer, I'll be watching yours closely as well, that seems like an interesting solid strain. so far, so good is right :)

    and thanks peacefullbuddah, will do.
  15. Hey, where'd you get those bulb plugs that go directly in the power strip?
  16. It's those sockets I was just talking about a few posts back
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    check it out guys, everything is looking good and I added my two other 26 watt daylights, to have a total of 104 true watts. Everything is looking great and I can't wait for the take-off with the light increase :cool:

    Day 10

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  18. thanks i got 2 26 watt cfl the redder ones and 2 26 watt cfl the bluer ones, and that socket.
  19. Sounds good, you should be well on your way now ;)

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