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  1. Whenever I'm driving with weed on me I freak out every time I see a white car that even closely resembles a cop car. That's why I vow to never purchase a white car so that I never scare anyone in the smoking community on the road.
  2. Only white cars?

    Man, cop cars come in every color under the sun these days.

    Keep watching long enough, and eventually you'll be able to spot a cop car before he even notices you. It's all in the headlights (at least at night anyway).

    Taxis still make me do a double take though...

    The older Ford Taurus has similar headlights to a Crown Vic too... those throw me off sometimes.
  3. EVERY car scares the shit outta me.I tend not to smoke in my car tho i park and walk off to a safe spot just cause it wont smell like weed in my car and then a cop cant say shit about it.
  4. Im more scared of black cars...

    And Im gonna buy a decommissioned cop car just for that reason :devious:
  5. I hate old people who buy Crown Victorias. I know you're on the verge of death, but there's no need to scare the shit out of other people.

    And they're fugly anyway.
  6. When I have enough money to buy a new car sometime in the future, I'm gonna make sure it's a Crown Victoria with tinted windows, a ridiculously big antenna in the back, and additional mirrors.

    I will stalk the cruise routes of North America, making stoners paranoid

  7. for sure. not even just crown vics or tauruses anymore.

    i was downtown and saw a cop bust out of a honda civic chasing after some bum. a HONDA CIVIC! i was wtf'n all day about that.
  8. Yup. All cop cars have their hazard and turn signal lights to the interior of their headlights with a routinely squarish shape.

  9. lol no doubt! I hate seeing crown vics, it always makes me think they're a ghost car. It especially sucks when you see them on the highway, and once you get closer its just some old white haired dude.
  10. i use to be a pro at spotting cops but now there coming out with everything and anything possible, undercovers chargers, unmarked impalas, unlicensed tahoe's, you name it, they got it
  11. ^^they're doin' that because yeah, after like 40 years they got smart and are changing the car configuration to nab more people (call this good or bad...bad for stoners who drive and smoke). Also GM is a government owned company so it's no wonder you see all these stupid redneck government officials hiring a company to build cars for police in the US. You won't ever see a cop in any car but american, remember when the new Toyota truck came out? There was a rumor that it would be the new police cruiser, but never flew because, probably, it wasn't american.

  12. yup but out east we have suv's and MAD undercover cops. This one undercover was rocking a custom 2005 STI that was taken from this dealer. Which sucks!
  13. Also the tail lights, at least here anyway. They are LED lights, not regular brake lights, 5 of them in a row. So its easy to pick out. And you're right, after you have about 2 years of driving (maybe less maybe more for some), spotting cops becomes second nature. I spot cops a mile or two down the road sometimes, I can usually predict spots where they sit too, but that's hit and miss.

    Stop freaking out so much, as long as your car doesn't smell like pot, you're sober and not smoking and nothing on the ground/in the open that he can see, then you will be fine if you get pulled over. Just relax when you see cops and pay attention to the way the lights are as mentioned.
  14. i wouldnt carry weed on you in your car then.. cuz if you get scared just seein a white car that resembles a cop cuz you have weed, your ass is gonna fold when you get pulled over with weed on you, ur gonna act nervous/scared as hell, n he's gonna know somethins up n bust out suspicous behavior as probable cause to search your shit

    better grow some kahuna's buddy, a cop cant search your car without probable cause, so you have nothing to fear in the event of gettin pulled over, since the reason you get pulled over wont be "hmmmm, i bet that kid has weed on him" its gonna be "hey, that kid broke a minor traffic law"

  15. Oh yeah, totally dude.

    Keeping your eyes open will usually only help with the Crown Vics and the obvious SUV's. Some of the undercover cars around here are just outright blatant, others are so shady you'd think they just pulled it out of a tow yard.

    I saw two fucking bigass blue Chevy trucks drive by the other day that said State Police on the side or something like that. I've never seen them driving trucks before other than at the beach. It was kinda trippy.
  16. look at the head lights, the easiest way to destinguish cop cars at anytime of day.
  17. Alot of my buddies tend to joke about it, but at the same time, it's true.

    I can spot a cop car by the design of their headlights when we're driving at night. I call it 100% as I see it.

    It's crah-zay.

    Edit -

    Holy shit. It's like...woah. That tripped me out.
  18. Damn, if I had the choice to have a daily driver and another bullshit-around-town car, I'd get a Mercury Marauder. All it is is a hopped up Mercury Grand Marquis (a.k.a. Ford Crown Victoria)

    You can't tell me that the Marauder wouldn't be badass to cruise in and blaze.


  19. After a huge ass fight broke out here,the cops came in a Silverado, I've even seen one in a fucking Hybrid.
  20. There are multiple police divisions in the Indianapolis area with nothing but Charger RTs for cop cars.

    We got Magnums, Mustangs, Camaros, Suburbans, TrailBlazers. I could keep going.

    The shittest part is the Mustangs and Camaros are normally unmarked and rountinely try to bait people into speed traps.

    They will zoom up on people near the start of an interior forest range so people have the natural reaction to speed up, and there is normally a cop with his radar our at the end of the tree line.

    Bastards. Get a life.

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