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White Ash

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by alex81563, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. I have been smoking somewhat infrequently for the last 6 months, today i used a new dealer. i tried some of his product in my new bubbler, but i noticed that instead of the ash being black it was white. Does anyone know what this is?
  2. It just means it is exhausted.

    No more getting high potential.
  3. Probably means how much the weed is burnt and stuff, but thats about it.

    It's probably just like when a log burns, some of it turns white while the rest is usually black, nothing to worry about.
  4. Usually higher quality marijuana has a much lighter, whiter looking ash. If this bud seems to be dank than this ash is just further proof that the bud is dank. :smoke: For instance, if you are to smoke a joint of dank, the ash is going to look very white and have a whispy texture. :smoke: Peace
  5. Ditto. Also, the ash of higher quality cannabis seems to retain the shape of what it was burned as.
  6. Alright:

    Black ashes = There is still some weed under the black stuff that'll burn.
    White ashes = All the weed is gone; empty the bowl and pack another.
  7. Keep in mind that there can also be burnable buds under white ash.
  8. No, I mean if you burn a small bud, like just one small one, and it turns white, there's not more weed to burn. In a bowl, there's always gonna be fresh bud under the layer of ashes, but when the ashes go white, you can go ahead and dump them out and smoke the fresh stuff underneath.
  9. I also believe that black ash can be due to the grower not properly flushing the plants near harvest, or if the bud is not properly dried/cured.
  10. I want credentials man.
  11. it just means its been burned to its fullest. think about it like burning a piece of ordinary paper, how it turns black, and then white.
  12. If it aint white it aint right imotbh.
  13. White ash is usually what you get after black ash. White ash is unsmokable, black ash can go either way. I don't know about all this "better weeds ash is white" stuff - never heard it before but it's possible I suppose.

    As for the bowl issue, it's common for the very top to be burnt so much that it turns white during attempts to burn further down. The white ash should be removed and any remaining black or greens should be
  14. ive heard that when ash is white, its completely done. With black, there is still some of the bud that is smokeable.

    Ive also heard that the whiter the ash is, the better the bud was flushed
  15. Ash is white. The black stuff is charred weed, not ash. Charred matter can still burn.
  16. yea i heard white ash is usually grown from hydro growing
  17. Could anyone post any evidence that the color of the ash is related to quality.

    I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with quality.
  18. Same. I've never heard of the color of ashes used to determine quality.

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