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  1. I had a conversation with my friend about whistling the other day and was wondering if we were just weird or something.

    So for the people that know how to whistle do you find yourself whistling randomly and not even realizing it? My roommate told me that I whistle all the time and until she mentioned it I seemed to just do it without realizing. Wondering if other people do this too?
  2. I can't f'in whistle, i don't know why i've nevner been able to figure it out n it doesn't make sense cause my dad has one meann whistle haha. I remember when i was a kid an i was out playing in the neighborhood, he would whistle for me to come home for dinner or whatever else he needed me home for and i used to be able to hear that shit all the way on the other side of the neighborhood haha.
  3. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Prcs8yFx_Q]YouTube - PINKER TONES ''The Whistling Song'' w/ Lyrics[/ame]

  4. I whistle for my dog. I whistle at my wife. I whistle at the birds when I'm outside. It's great. A whistle is a word with a thousand mutations.

    The only time whistling is bad is when you're standing at the urinal and some dude that you figure is probably gay cause he's standin just a little too close sidles up and smiles at ya. Nervous whistling in this scenario could be seen as an expression of adoration.
  5. hahahaha ^^^ Yeah I whistle to songs, to dogs and just for fun.
  6. I'll admit it. I'm a whistler. I walk around my shop all day whistling and sometimes it drives people crazy. It's not so much the whistling as it is me always being in a good mood that bothers them. I hear it all the time "What's with the whistling? What the fuck are you so damn happy about??"
  7. I don't know where people get this whistling = happy. I think I whistle even if I'm in a bad mood. But I understand that if you are whistling some kind of really happy song then okay you could assume happiness. Otherwise though it's just whistling.
  8. hahahaha i sit and whistle all day its so time consuming some times
  9. I like whistling opera and teaching myself whistling 'tricks'.

    I think that's why I love whistling arias, I have to figure out how to do coluratura,trills, etc.

    It's fun.
  10. I whistle all the time and I suck at it. But I enjoy it too much.

    I always remember reading Cathcher in the Rye and Caulden Haulfield has a roomate that he says can whistle any tune perfectly. I envy those people.
  11. I first learned how to whistle in and then out so I can do a little bit of tunes by switching those up. Whistling is all about practice when I was younger and learning it took time.

    For people who don't know how try whistling in first and then learn how to whistle out, it's easier.
  12. wish i could do this at (1:20)

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkT2wW3-1jQ]YouTube - Boondock Saints Theme - The Blood of Cuchulainn (Mychael Danna)[/ame]
  13. I love whistling, it's one of the few things musically I am good at.

    I catch myself whistling Bernard Hermanns "Twisted Nerve" down the hallways of my classes, along with Werewolves of London, Alfred Hitchcock theme, and most recently Commanche- by the revels. Oh and Brown Eyed Girl. Can't forget that one.
  14. I love whistling while I'm walking down the street. I'll whistle the songs that I'm listening to on my iPod. It's like the walking version of driving with the windows down and music blaring. Forcing people to hear your music...hehe.
  15. There are different kinds of whistles too. I can do a whistle with just my mouth. I can also scrunch up my lower lip and do that whistle...I think thats a gangster whistle. Oh yeah. :D

    But I can't do the whistle where you put your ring finger and thumb together in your mouth or put both pinkies in your mouth. Jealous.


    ^^ sound whistles make.

    I can also do this one:


    Referees ain't got shit on me.
  16. i find whistlers annoying as fuck...especially when they're bad
  17. I whistle and hum tunes ALL THE TIME.
    I'm sure its annoying as hell, and i dunno if my tone is even half decent. but its good to always have music in ur life.
  18. Funny you sould mention this. After trying to whistle my whole life, I finally am getting a little sound. I've been practicing too...this is an exciting time of my life.
  19. Am i the only one here who reverse whistles? I can whistle fine, but only by breathing IN air. Every other person that i know has to exhale to whistle. I don't know, doesn't work that way for me

  20. Heh, I can do both. Sometimes backward whistling is easier.

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