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Discussion in 'General' started by AggieSmoker, Dec 3, 2003.


Favorite Whiskey

  1. Crown Royal

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  2. Jack Daniels

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  3. Johhny Walker

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  4. Southern Comfort

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  5. Kentucky Delight/Sunny Brooke

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  6. Wild Turkey

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  7. Makers Mark

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  8. Knob Creek

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  9. Evan Williams

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  10. I drink vodka because I cant take whiskey

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  1. Speaking of whiskey whats y'alls favorites? Whats your favorite drink with whiskey? Buy the cheap stuff or the aged shit? I am pretty messed up so if I forget any big ones in my poll just tell me. BTW my favorite is Souther Comfort 100 proof, it tastes just like apple juice. Here is CS sunny brooke goes for $6 a bottle, that pretty hard to pass up.
  2. I like a nice Jack Daniels single barrel on the rocks every now and again. ;)

    If I'm feeling like spending alot of dough, I pick up a bottle of Joseph Finch Bourbon. It's aged for 15 years, 86.8 proof. Very smooth and flavorful, but at $80 a bottle the price is very steep. Still, if you like aged whiskey, give it a try sometime. I think it won't be available for much longer though, they only made something like 3,000 bottles of the stuff.
  3. i like jack daniels but i just love vodka even more. it's my favorite liquor.
  4. well there buddy you made a little fopaux in your poll. first of all, jonny walker is spelled johnie walker and second its not a whiskey its scotch...aka, whiskey made in scotland. and SoCo is also not whiskey, its much to sweet, but also very good. oh and i would think that your such a red neck that you would include jim beam?
  5. soco is bomb, jd is bomb, but I like the vodka when it comes down to it.
  6. Shit man, if you known him as long as I have, its John Daniels. Damn Pacino is the man.

    Anyway, Im not too much of a fan of SOCO cause its just too soft tasteing . I personally like the harder punch JD gives

  7. in the poll?

    johnnie walker :)

    prefer? off that list..soco. :) mmm :)
  8. Wow, I don't see either of the ones I buy. I've got a handle of high ten right now (only $15) and I'm not really buying McCormick's anymore because I found it it's 80% vodka. I haven't been able to drink vodka since an incident earlier this year. But Jack green label is nice.
  9. well... wiskey ain't just wiskey.... but as a general?

    bourbon : blantons
    canadian:chivas royal salute... :)
    scotch (singlemalt) im cheap, usually balvene 12 yr dble wood
    scotch blended : johnnie walker green
  10. Royal Reserve. Very cheap but still good tasting canadian whiskey. Plus the label is a sticker with a big canadian flag on it that says "proud to be canadian" which is always fun to play with once your hammed ;)

    ugh... vodka... i imagine licking a snake would taste similar... dont know why, always have though??
  11. If I'm hell bent on drinking and it's all that's left, I'll drink whiskey. Usually, I drink top shelf Midori margaritas with a shot of Conmemorativo in front and a Tres Generaciones back. But if it's whiskey that I must toss down, it's definitely Wild Turkey. I have a tendency when shootin' Turkey to dance on table tops to the current music selection, no matter where I'm drinkin'! THAT'S why I don't usually drink whiskey.
  12. JD is harsh , Soco is nice and smooth, I can drink it straight from the bottle. Mmm Soco, I could go for a nice cold bottle, 1/2 wiskey and 1/2 ice tea....

    Oh god i am an alcoholic.....
  13. Jamesons
    Nothing better than a good Irish whiskey
  14. Anything single malt. Preferably Glen Grant...
  15. Its all about Crown Royal. Just get a big glass, pour some in, throw in a bunch of ice cubes and you're good to go. I can pound that shit back like water.
  16. Yea, crown royal is the shit. Even comes with a little draw-string pipe pouch once you're done with it...
  17. I love the crown bags, thats what I used to hold paraphanalia.
  18. Its not up there but one of my favorites is Old crow, its like 4 bucks for a pint and 8 for a fif. but that shits not for pussies that think jack is harsh cause jack is water compared to old crow...
  19. all these whiskies and hardly any from home, where's the real scotch drinkers, lol

    Glayva, a beautiful mix of malts and honey liquor.......mmmm
    Crawfords 4-5*

    the list goes on and on

    we have hundreds and hundreds of them......lol.....but i like a good Jack D and i also love a very smooth Jamiesons from across the river in Eire

    and if you really have a lot of money you can go for the real m'coy's........bottles that are like 25-80 years old, and some even older..........the Japanese bought some of the last bottles from a sunken ship, they even named a film after it "Whiskey Galore".......lol........it goes for over £50,000 a bottle, that's nearly $100,000........now that's gotta be one of the most expensive drinks in the world?

    Peace oput.........Sid

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