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  1. so yesterday i go to the headshop and buy 48 cartridges of nitrous... needless to say i got real fucked up last night, did about 30 of em haha oh man that was not good but i love nitrous, i got a new whip cream thing so i can do em and shit

    also picked up a chillum, but the whippet stuff is great
  2. what headshop did you go to?

    anywhere near chicago?

    i had no clue whippets were legal. how much were the 48 cartridges?
  3. whippet whippet real hard, thats crazy man, shits kind of danger man, well from a standpoint is like inducing yourself to nitrogen narcosis, so what the fuck pass the jiffy whiff
  4. it's secrets on belemont and clark in like wrigley ville

    the nitrous like machine is 35
    24 nitrous cartridges 17.99
    48 nitrous cartridges 30.00

    everything for 55 out the door
  5. secrets sells nitrous.

    hell yeah, i never knew that.

    just a question, what is nitrous like.

    isn't it a big festival thing to fill balloons with them?
  6. hal ya i didnt know that either, usually i just go to novelties across the street cause they got way beter pipe selection....now ill be checkin out secrets.....and are they in the open or do you have to ask for them?
  7. i'm a pipes n stuff and novelties n stuff guy to.

    they are both owned by the same family.

    i got my new bluedot from pipes n stuff. they have roors and phx to.
  8. Careful with that shit, blaze.

    I don't need to link you to erowid.org do I?
  9. id stick to the basics and stay away from chems. i just dont trust 'em.
  10. Marijuana is full of chemicals, most of which are far more complex than Nitrous Oxide
  11. you breathe 78% nitrogen in the air your breahing, apparently blaze needs alittle better ratio
  12. yes the nitrous is in the open, its in the back corner by the acrylic bongs

    secrets has such better deals, at least for me...

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