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While on probation, can I be around people with weed if they have a med card?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ClownFireBlunt, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. Hi I'm currently on probation for possession of weed until November. I'm not legally supposed to be around people with weed, but I was wondering if it would be legal if the person had a medical card, so there would be no illegal activity occurring. And no i would not be smoking it. Thanks for the responses!

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  2. Why is everyone on GC on probation loool
  3. That would be a good question to ask your PO. Even though its extremely hard to fail a drug test by contact.. Not really sure about just being around it though. Ask and see. Feel free to let us know what the outcome is.
  4. Don't ever talk to the police. If adults can tell you who you can and can't be around and you are an adult, you are a fool. Don't be a statistic because you are scared of being human.
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  5. Would it be illegal technically? Probably not. Would they try to make that a violation of your probation or some other bs to get you in more trouble if they had any chance they could do so? Absolutely.
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  6. Probably best to stay away until November. If they get questioned and you're with them, the police may look at you, too. Sure, they're legal, but you're not, and guilt by association is a very real thing.

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