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    If you had a choice, someone offering you:
    7g of kush -, small dense popcorn nuggets with trichomes visible to the eye and that easily crumble, resinous texture. Smell is sweet but subtle, only intense when breaking up the nugs.
    7g of northern lights - in 2 big buds, hairy as furck with that perfect fluffiness and density. Very dank and idiosyncratic smell of sweet, but smell can be masked in airtight.
    7g of powerplant - medium sized potent nugs of that intense green colour and crumbley texture, and that famous overpowering odor which can be smelt 2 blocks away. Not even n airtight can contain the smell.
    7g of AK - beautiful orange and red hairs with visible trichomes, fluffy buds which have a slight oily texture. smell is typical mouthwatering AK, not intense but very flavorsome.
    Edit: airtight here meaning with very microscopic leakage like you get in them glass jars with the lever.
     Also, i didn't describe the "high", so if you need to research what does what then do so. But this is a hypothetical based on your taste and strain preference, im guessing many of u have tried them all anyway

  2. What do u like to smoke, how they make you feel

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     "Not even n airtight can contain the smell."
    Smell doesn't penetrate an airtight jar. That's what airtight means, that it is completely resistant to the transfer of gas between the inside and outside of the jar
  4.  I had an airtight, maybe it had a microscopic leak but it couldn't contain the odor of powerplant but could contain everything else.
     Anyway, you didn't even answer the question, hope you feel better about urself now for that correction
  5. Yeah he probably does feel better because he's right and just trying to help you out a bit. Now since you wanted to be a dick I'll be a dick.

    No one cares what option buds you should pick. Go pick one and smoke it. Simple as that. /Thread.

    Have a nice day.
  6.  I appreciate the correction, but one's intention is shown when they post without addressing the question at hand.
    This is a thread for people who like to converse and be challenged with hypotheticals, obviously closed minded, low vibrational nazis like yourself should vacate.
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    He didn't answer your question because, and I'm only speculating but he doesn't really care what buds you get.

    I'm not a really dick man or do I like to be but you had it coming to you with that.
    If really want an opinion I'd go with the northern lights. Classic indica buzz that I love.
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    its not the buds I get, its a random hypothetical which is stated in the post
  9. Who gives a fuck!
  10. Alaskan ice. Idk what kind of kush your talking about. I've had purple power plant and its metal. Somehow I've never had those strains you list, if you get it from a dealer you can't be certain what strain it is, unless he knows the grower.
  11. I'd choose AK. Then I'd find out who chose the other three. Then I'd rob em'. 👌
  12. OP's a dick and has access to none of these weeds....just my random hypothetical opinion
  13. that's why it says hypothetical in the post, and you used hypothetical out of context .. google the definition to stop your confusion!
  14. AK all the way.
  15. It was just kush, probably one variation of kush, yeah i did get it off a dealer but it had a really strong body high, indica dominant.
    Im in the UK in Brighton, i've had these off several dealers so  its probably more common in my group of people than where you are
    Well you said airtight with microscopic leakage.....How would that work out on the ISS? Hypothetically it'd really fuck you up. Welcome to GC
    Definition don't mean shit around here. And reality is for sober people
  17.  Good job im not on the ISS! No, variable reality is for high people, fixed illusion is for sober people
  18. Fuck sober people....All those motherfuckers do is harsh my buzz!
  19. HEY! I'm sober 4-5 days out of the week, and you people are practically on MAH dick half the time.

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