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Which will give me a better hit?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Skrutting, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. So before you reply, I'm now aware that it's a fake RooR bong... -_-

    But I don't use water because I have no downstem, and the chamber is 7 inches long. So with water being excluded, which will make me the most BLAZED. Not chill high, but STUPID fucking blazed. For example a full bowl in the pipe and a full bowl of the same weed in my bong.

  2. you're going to get more of a hit out of your bong.
  3. Put wAter in bong dude, use all the elements

  4. Putting water in that bong won't be as effective since he doesnt have a downstem but it might help a little i geuss
  5. I'd suggest making a downstem until you can get a new one, unless you don't want one. A bong will give you a bigger hit for sure
  6. run a duster over the base of that tv dude it`ll take like 10 seconds
  7. throw ice in that bitch with no water.. trust nicest hit in the world
  8. Gravity bong.

  9. lol I love how stoners will notice things like that. Made me laugh.

    Yes, I am not sure water will make a difference at all if theres no downstem, but ice would definitely work awesome.
  10. Ice or I've tried warm water which worked pretty good.
  11. If you're not using water it's essentially the same
  12. Ice, ice baby! *boom boom boom ba da boom boom*
  13. [quote name='"joons1980"']run a duster over the base of that tv dude it`ll take like 10 seconds[/quote]

    Lulz who notices that
  14. The bong man
  15. If you don't have a down stem, don't use water, because it will just take up extra room that the smoke could be building up in.
  16. If you normally clear your bong then def the bong because you will get a bigger hit faster which will get you more of a "head rush/ head high" but the high will be shorter!
  17. So should I just drop an ice cube down to the base of the bong? Since there's really no official place to put the ice..

  18. Why would it be shorter? Aren't most bong and bowl hits the same duration?

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