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  1. Hi All,
    Does anyone know anything about watches?
    Ive just been told that im getting a watch for my birthday but that Im to choose it. For the past couple of years ive had a relatively cheap sekonda strapped to my wrist - its a little worn now and there is a slight amount of condensation in it so im happy to be getting a new one. Ive been looking around on the net for a watch and it seems to me that you pretty much pay for the brand... I dont particularly want a fancy name - im not the sort of person to be sporting an armani watch - in fact an overly fancy brand would put me right off.
    I do however want quality, it can cost up to a couple of hundred quid and chances are ill never take it off. It needs scratch proof glass and preferably to be automatic as i never get round to changing batts (I know you fellow stoners understand) - oh and im a sucker for a continuous motion second hand and wear it in the shower so it must be water proof.

    Any advice is appreciated - if youve got a watch your really happy with - ill gladly look it up.
    Cheers :smoke:
  2. £200 is ~$320, correct? In that price range, I'd look at Seiko.
  3. Citizen Eco-Drive.

    They have a lot of different styles & they are all self winding.
    They actually wind off of light.

  4. Eco-Drive movements aren't mechanical. They operate in the same way an ordinary quartz movement does but, rather than a battery, they use a capacitor to store the energy collected by the photovoltaic panel. They're longer-lasting than batteries but they do require replacent periodically (IIRC, every ~7 years depending on use).
  5. Thanks, I have been looking at seiko. Apart from having a vaguely bad experience with one a few years ago (the crystal went cloudy) they seem like a good option. Havent really seen any automatic/chronograph ones in my price range tho.
  6. I have a perpetual kinetic seiko and it is sweet but it's out of your price range.... I would recommend it to anyone tho price tag around $825

  7. Thanks for the info, I can get my head around a mechanical mechanism and so can any old repair man in case anything goes wrong, Id prefer to stay away from overly fancy watches like this (im guessing you need to send it to citizen if anything goes wrong).
  8. what are peoples opinions on timex watches?

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