which type of ozone generator?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by crapskater, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. i have been looking on ebay and im planning on growing 4 plants. How much output would be needed to eliminate all of the odor?
  2. depends on the plants, depends on the size of your room. I like to use a carbon scrubber on my exhaust, and Ozone for the inside of the room/house. Reason being is that just coming in and out of the room makes the rest of the house stink like dank.

    I bought a Living Air for like $450 and it does a decent job of making my house smell fresh. It started loosing it's potency after about 6 months. Another month later the bearings on the fan went bad - what a fuck'n rip off. I also noticed a large about of corosion inside.

    I then bought a UV bulb ozone generator and LOVE IT! I bought another couple (one for the house, one for the attic), and couldn't be happier. The one I got is an industrial one made by CAP (if you're not familiar with CAP, they make some of the highest quality agricultural controls around). I am starting to see them more and more in hydro stores selling for around 300 bucks, but you can find them on E-bay very reasonably. I bought mine HERE for $135, the cheapest I could find them anywhere. The only maintenance you have to do on them is open the cover and dust off the bulb about every 6 months.

    Before getting the living air and the CAP, I tried several other brands and they all pretty much sucked. Don't EVER waste your money on that shitty IONIC Breeze that Sharper Image sells. I'd pay someone to come take the two I bought out of my closet, because they are junk!

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