which strains to grow for a noobie???

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  1. Chello all! This will be my second grow as the first one was years ago and I grew bagseed which turned out fine, but let's be honest it's bagseed. Anywho. This will be my setup!

    600W hps
    promix-high porosity soil with a small amount of lime and guano/worm castings
    cabinet that is 5fthighx3ft widex2 feet deep.

    I was wondering which of these strains would be best to start off a second grow with. I am leaning towards these few. I want good yields and a somewhat easy plant to grow!

    1. green spirit(dutch passion) big bud x skunk 1
    2. northern lights x big bud (nirvana)
    3. california orange bud (dutch passion)
    4. skunk 1# (nirvana)
    5. big bud (nirvana)
    6. white whidow or another variation of the whites

    Obviously I will only be keeping 5 to 6 plants so I would like to mix it up. I will be purchasing 3 strains. What in your opinion would be easiest for me to abuse and still get great yields. I am very careful when it comes to my babies, but who knows what can happen. Thanks for your help.
  2. in my opinion if u r having a small gro i would try some female seeds i bought nirvana strains but now i notice the female strains for like 50 bux for 10 seeds and to be honest its worth the 10 females for 50 instead of growing a few and getting males. i can only do 3 plants so whats teh chance of me getting females? to me if u kno u got all females then its awesome just a opinion
  3. is there really no catch to feminised seeds?
  4. go with female seeds there the only way to go the only way I will get regular seeds is if im ready to clone or breed Femaleseedsco is pretty cheap and I seen Greenhouse seeds are doing feminized versions now there the best around but there mostly haze types be prepared to LST and have long flowering times 10-12 weeks or instead of 2 months 3 months
  5. id say go with the white widow, or a cross of w.w., they are easy for a beginner to grow,, and they are a excellent indoor strain. im thinking of white rhino, or white russian, for my 3rd, grow,

    my next one will be some dank bagseed i accquired,,

    a thought, you may wont to do a bagseed grow this time to make sure you got the elements under control [ heat,ventilation,exaust, e.t.c. ] hate to burn up some dank w.w.,,, because of element problems!!

    good luck!!!!!!:wave:

  6. Only catch is they are more expensive.
    Otherwise expect about 99% female.
  7. heres something to get you motivated for your next grow.......

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  8. and they have a higher hermie rate than regular seeds...
  9. hermie is mbetter thana male and if its a hermie female seed gro those and i believe u would stillhave females or hermies still no males also they will tell u if the batch had any male flowers if u read the description

  10. I don't know about that.
    Good genetics should be fine. I have never personally seen a hermie from a single feminized seed. Have you?
  11. youll are really , making me take a 2nd look at these ;; feminised strains'', ,,,, it may be worth the extra $,,,to guarantty a lady....
  12. Chicken,
    A better way to guarantee a lady is to clone off of a female plant. Its much quicker and cheaper. If you need the seeds for a strain change or whatever thy will be fine.
  13. .
    so id just go with the reg. seeds their cheaper, you can always take cuttings
  14. The myth of hermies from femmed seeds lives on. It can happen in certain unstable strains but generally female seeds are fine.

    They are well worth the price difference. Think about the time, effort, space requirements, electricity, soil, ferts, etc. to grow 10 regular seeds only to throw 5 males away after 6-8 weeks and end up with 5 females. Now what if you just paid a little more for seeds and started with 5 females in the first place? Worth it to me.
  15. I agree toasty.
    There are a lot of myths out there and a whole lot of hermie myths as well. The word hermie is used way too much on this BB.

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