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Which strain best for MS?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by belfastbob, Feb 2, 2009.

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    In short, my mum suffers from MS and today she agreed with me to try cannabis for her condition.

    I'm unsure as to whether Indica and Sativa will work the same way though. Most of the stuff round here is indica (because of high yields obvio the drug dealers prefer it) and I think sativa is better for medicinal purposes, given the type of high.

    I don't want to get indica and have it not work and then she'd lose all faith in the idea.

    Do they both work the same on a MS sufferer?

    NB. Drug dealers around here are complete idiots. I asked one for a good sativa once and I got the most confused expression... you'd think people would know the product they're selling.

    Mind you, cannabis sells itself I suppose...
  2. If you love your mother you'll find her the dankest 100% indica around!

    Indica is the more physically medicinal cannabinoid, offering great pain relief depending on the quality of the herb and how it was flowered!
  3. Hon, unfortunately, medical science has NOT caught up with potheads yet! Scientists use "cannabis" in their studies- no strains are named in 99.9% of the studies! They have yet to realize the difference between indica and sativa. :confused: It will have to be trial and error for your mom.

    The good news is that the effect of cannabis on MS is well documented (click the link in my sig and scroll down to "MS"- there's a whole mess of studies). I found the one on tea to be very interesting- "Cuppa Gives A Better 'ooh'". THC isn't water soluble, but tea still gives some relief! So other chemicals in cannabis besides THC can give relief from MS. "Cannabis May Halt Progression Of Multiple Sclerosis" is even more interesting! My friend Emma grew her own "Northern Lights" for her MS and was happy with it.

    Granny's advice- get Mom whatever you can for now; brew up the stems and a pinch of bud for tea. Tell her that there is a difference in strains, so there may be variation in how well a strain works! Get a vaporizer (Vapor Brothers are nice). Grow your own organically, if possible. And show Mom's doctors "Granny Storm Crow's list"!

    Granny :wave:
  4. sounds like the op is from the uk.... do they have medical mj there?
  5. Thanks for the replies guys, however, some bad news.

    Last night on BBC2, there was a show on cannabis (See link at end of post for iPlayer - avail. to UK only) and it talked a lot about the all too well known and speculated, psychosis/schizophrenia associated with cannabis use and addiction.

    There was, in the show, a man strangely addicted to cannabis and his life was ruled by it and he needed to smoke many joints a day. What it did not say however, was if he put tobacco into his joints which if he did, would explain his addiction but it can't be ruled out I guess.

    Then the scaremongering of psychosis has now changed my mums mind about trying it for medicinal reasons. I'm going to work on a way to overturn this because I think she's picking up the facts wrong.

    However, MM is available in the UK but I don't think like in America. We don't have shops that sell it at all, and I think most doctors are reluctant to prescribe MM for fear of losing their licence.
    Not quite as liberal here, especially now that it's upgraded to a class B substance.

    I'm going to use some of the links provided here and I'll show them to my mum.

    Alternatively, I'll bake some brownies and just not tell her what's in them... A bit of a risk but what she won't know won't hurt her. And if she feels great, I'll take the possible shouting at and tell her.

    Any information on cannabis consumption via ingestion for MS?



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