Which Soil? Bio-Bizz or Canna Terra

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by devontodetroit, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. I'm doing some shopping for my next go round.
    I'm not new to growing, But I am new to using soil indoors.. I've been looking at whats available and it looks like a choice between Bio-Biz and Canna Terra.
    Which would you recomend?
    Also, Would you use the pre fertilised one for Lowryders? It sounds ideal as its already got 30% perlite and all the veg nutes that will be needed up until flowering.
    Or is it better to get the blank soil and have full control?
    Any opinions welcomed!

  2. I like the Bio-Bizz soil but I've not used Canna Terra.
    I find Bio-Bizz All-Mix fine for most strains, never burned a seedling yet and I only have to feed once or twice during veg.
  3. I'm swinging toward Bio Bizz all mix.. 
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    What about auto plants though? I wont be vegging for long, Maybe 10 days after the seedlings go in and then flip to 18/6 and I'm worried about burning them with too many nutes
    I've grown a few auto's in it, you can always mix in Light-Mix but I find that you don't need to.
  6. Ok cool, Thanks for the advice.. What size containers do you use for your Auto's out of interest?? 6.5 litre or 11litre?
  7. You would possibly get more yield in the 11L, that's what I mainly use.
  8. Ill suggest the normal opinion here; build your own soil mix. You'll save money and add benefits not found in commercial bagged mixes.
  9. Pretty sure that the Canna Terra soil is not by any means organic. If I remember right. I'd go with GiMiK's advice anyhow, though...
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    Is this in eu? At www.mandalaseeds.com, the breeder warns against using any bio-bizz product (no totally sure why). He suggests canna professional. I've personally never seen or heard of these. I agree with jerry and gimik fully. Build your own mix--much more rewarding.
  11. Thanks for the advice guys, I think i'm gunna go with the Canna Terra without nutes. Too risky to go straight into trying to mix my own soil.. Maybe next time though

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