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    Well today my mother told me I can grow as long as I don't distribute so here it goes.

    I like Sativa's so what do you guys reccomend?

    I was looking at Haze's but which site is betteer to buy from genetics wise? marijuana-seeds.nl or Speedyseedz???

    Couldn't find cinderella 99 or strawberry cough.

    is Ak-47 better than c13 haze??

    What's one of the best hazes?
  2. I wonder how that conversation went down exactly lol :smoke:
  3. And as far as hazes go...I'm growing a few Super Lemon Hazes at the moment. The reason I chose this particular strain was because of street cred...back-to-back First Place wins at the Cannabis Cup last year and the year before. I'm really looking forward to smoking these bitches :D
  4. look at the seedbank threads for info on seeds and seed sellers.

  5. What seedbank did you use? Also is this an easy strain to grow? I'm a beginner myself
  6. SLH is (so far) easy enough, but it's definitely a sativa. It stretched twice as tall as the White Widow and has very thin (obviously sativa) leaves. So far it likes a normal amount of nutes (my WW likes very light nutes).

    I used Attitude Seed Bank last go-round. (Attitude is veeeeeeeery well-loved around here the past several months, and for good reason).

    Understand, I have loyalty for drchronic. But, attitude is really good about sending out free stuffs :smoke:.

    SOOOOO, My next seed purchase...

    (will almost certainly be from Attitude).

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